Monday, August 02, 2010

As I turned 9497 days today...,

As I turned 9497 days today, I look back at life and can summarize it as follows: I got my share of ups and downs, memorable moments and living nightmares, things I got from life and things I lost to life, good people and the rest of the world, crushes and heartbreaks, a broken back but a strong will, good friends and barely any foes, occasional unrest in the mind but a strong control over emotions, an educational and career track that has been a roller coaster ride: literally, people that made me feel good about myself and people that drove me mad, awesome food and ice creams, some hobbies that I'm really passionate about but lack of finances to fully pursue them, dreams and desires that are yet to be fulfilled, not being noticed by the girls I want to be noticed by and the opposite, misunderstanding and being misunderstood , being occasionally selfish but always trying on being a good listener and a good friend and finally having so many friend that took the time out to wish me a Happy Birthday. Not bad eh?

Thank you all so much for the wishes and to all those who have wished me and to those who have not, I wish you all a very Happy friendship day and a wonderful life!! Cheers! :)

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

April of 2010...

... has taken from me and given me many important things. Somehow, they don't seem to compensate for each other. Just because there is day after every night, it doesn't mean I have to like the darkness. I just have to sleep through it I guess. Not sure though...

Feels like I'm having to start everything all over again.. it's good because I know what mistakes I gotto avoid and things can only get better from here ... kind of sad that all the old stuff is gone...

Must learn guitar this year at any cost....

Monday, April 26, 2010

Take off

That's what's gonna happen to my career now... I just know it. It's been just 20 days into the new job but I can already feel the importance of it. Being associated with two 'biggies' from the IT world is just awesome. Being able to constantly interact with people from all over the world is great. Being in a pretty important role feels great. Not being restricted by a hell lot of rules feels great. Of course there are issues and stress everywhere you go but even then, doesn't really feel bad when I have to wake up at 2:30 in the night/morning to go to work, because I.. FEEL.. GOOD !

Friday, March 12, 2010

What are YOU looking at !?

Last night, while I was lying on my bed waiting for my brain to relax and doze off into relatively suspended sensory and motor activity with partial unconsciousness, I listening to songs on my mobile while looking at the slideshow of the photos I had with me.

I realized that I had a pretty good life and very thankful for having met some really cool people along the way. I still have some of them with me today. Some people from my past are not present in my present because of a reason. I'll let it be.

The rest of my friends are still there.. just out of reach.. I wish I can make everything go back to the way it was., with them. I hope I will continue meeting more good people as long as I live. I realize there can be too much of chocolate but never 'too many friends'.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

I didn't realize I liked travelling so much until I finally did go on a long due trip. It was good to be in a train travelling to Bangalore (Bengalooru) to my uncle's place... something I used to do a lot as a kid. I love train journeys. There's something I like travelling sitting face to face with strangers., eating food packed from home., occasionally sharing it with the strangers who might not seem so 'strange' after a while., sitting back by the wind watching the scenery change.., feeling slightly safer than in a bus or a plane.

Wish I had more time to travel more with my family or friends. Everybody is just too busy nowadays.. sad state of life.,

Friday, February 05, 2010


.... anybody's strength or weakness. As a kid when I read about sadhu's or ascetics talking about renouncing everything they had, I laughed. Why would anyone give up what they like for some 'spiritual or intellectual gain' they 'might' achieve. I now realize it is much more simple than that.

You get attached to people/things and your problems start because you're always worried about how to keep them, how to guard them or what would happen if you lose them. There.... is your weakness.

You get attached to people/things and you now have a reason to fight for, live and treasure. There's nothing more satisfying than having people you can call your own and things that you own.

I was very attached to my previous work place and the people there... a few more so than others. Even though I was dying to get out of the routine work, the last few days were very emotional. Should you let emotions come in the way of practical decisions... ? This time I didn't... it is all for the good I said to myself.

Until I find myself a new job or new friends or both... I feel a bit alone... even with three other 'me's !!