Monday, August 02, 2010

As I turned 9497 days today...,

As I turned 9497 days today, I look back at life and can summarize it as follows: I got my share of ups and downs, memorable moments and living nightmares, things I got from life and things I lost to life, good people and the rest of the world, crushes and heartbreaks, a broken back but a strong will, good friends and barely any foes, occasional unrest in the mind but a strong control over emotions, an educational and career track that has been a roller coaster ride: literally, people that made me feel good about myself and people that drove me mad, awesome food and ice creams, some hobbies that I'm really passionate about but lack of finances to fully pursue them, dreams and desires that are yet to be fulfilled, not being noticed by the girls I want to be noticed by and the opposite, misunderstanding and being misunderstood , being occasionally selfish but always trying on being a good listener and a good friend and finally having so many friend that took the time out to wish me a Happy Birthday. Not bad eh?

Thank you all so much for the wishes and to all those who have wished me and to those who have not, I wish you all a very Happy friendship day and a wonderful life!! Cheers! :)


wmw said...

Happy Belated 9497 days! Yes, here's to life and its mysterious ways :o)

Anonymous said...

I guess you should get back here and continue this.. you started it all the way before you graduated i think you should keep it going, would be nice to look back on recent and continued ones..