Sunday, March 05, 2006

My 100th post ..,


This is not a big award neither is my post a 'thank you speech'.,but this sure is a milestone for me. 100 is always a number to remember. I wanna use this post to remember some important ppl and a few posts that are spl to me.

How it all began: The first day of my final year in college, there were only 4 of us in my class. We were introducing ourselves to our new lecturure and he pointed to me and asked me if I had the habit of writing a
diary. I told him that i'd like to., but nothin much interesting goes on in my life. To that, he replied " everybody's life's interesting in its own way, start writing and u'll know how much there is that goes on in ur life everyday". I was already inspired by one or two blogs which i'll mention soon. So i thought, y not an online diary. I'm not a guy that talks much, so putting my life open online was actually a scary thought. Finally one day, I decided to start created atleast 10 blogs and finally thought Blogger was the best for me and started my blog with a movie review.

My Blog Content: I finally had my own space on the internet. I decided to write my heart n mind out. Some personal stuff., some movie reviews and some personal opinion bout stuff that's happenin around me. For the first two months i had no readers, except for two or three ppl whom I'll mention too.,soon. But i never wanted to quit., i was happy with wat I was doing. Whenever I had somethin in my heart that i wanted to say out.,i was writin it out on my blog. That gave me so much peace.
Here is somethin I wanted to follow and wat i wanted my blog to have. I did write so much personal stuff in my blog but still was aware of wat wud happen if the ppl in my life saw any criticism bout them coz not everybody wud b sportive to learn 4m criticism. So i never mentioned names., which........... is gonna change from now. I'm gonna be more open n candid 4m now onwards.

Blogs that inspired me: These are also blogs that I regularly go thru.
Alekhya , Shahab , Archie, Anirudh,Pooza Mishra, Nidhi, Neetie, Karen and Alaysia. I go thru a lot of blogs but these are the ones that i've been following 4 a relatively long time.
Alekhya, Shahab and Anirudhs blogs feel so proffessional n good, that I cant really compare mine with them.
Pooza Mishra's blog is sure eyecandy.She inspired me to mess with the template and make it different 4m the usual.
Archie's blog is like a Big book.It's got so many sections bout her personal stuf., pics n videos., reviews.,jokes etc !
Nidhi and Neetie's blogs are filled with lots of fun and emotional stuff. Somethin i can relate to. N i've just made friends with them.Gr8 gals !
Karen and Alaysia are blogs that are a mixture of simplicity yet so amazingly interesting stuff at its best.
I didnt 4get my other blog friends., u can find them all in the list to the right. They're some really really cool blogs too.

My favourite Posts:
This is spl to me coz its my first post.
-My first
emotional post probably.
thoughts on how to Live Lyf., Love Lyf ,but how ppl are doin it wrong instead.
Grow up India !
-Just b4 my
My Girlfriend...,
Goodbye Already !?
Somethings I hated bout Indian reality shows and I still do.
My advice to my friends to 'Open up'.
Confessions of a Demure mind., my mind.
Ideal lover.
advice to everybody on 'how to make life jussst a little better'.
Hate list.
-The only thing that is permanent is

My fav Blog Art: I usually put up pictures in most of my posts for those who'd b bored otherwise. If I don find relevant pics., i make some of my own. Here are a few of my favourites.

It's really sad that some of my closest friends dont read my blog., a few do read after a lot of persuation or blackmailing., some dont even after all that. But I cant blame them. Evrybody's got their own interests n tastes. I'm really really happy bout my regular blog friends and also the new bloggers that are showing up on my blog ., take pain to go thru my posts then take time to leave some wonderful comments. That means a lot to me. Thanks guys !!!

What you can expect to find in my blog in the future: I really dont see me stop bloggin in the near future. I wanna write more openly., more honestly, more frankly and if possible more importantly interesting. Hopefully., as time passes by., i'm gonna get wiser n smarter and 4m each day spent., learn something to make life a little better. I'd sure like to know what u guys want to see more of, in my blog.

Alekhya , Archie, Preetham, Nidhi, Neetie, HELL's Angel, Freak-Y, Teal, Sindhu, RON, Rose, Hudzie n all my new blog friends that are stoppin by to leave ur comments., thanks a lot guys. Its because of u n ur comments that i'm still goin on. Keep comin back.


Hudzie!! said...

CONGRATULATION on ur 100th blog buddie..:):)... n wish n hope dt v ll get 2 read mo 100zz sooon:D:D..

like me said earlier..n ll say it again dt me simply luv readin ur blog..wel dunno i js luv dem.. alwyz chek ur blog weneva me openz a site 2 chek mah since last few dayz me ws nt able 2 access it n ws really cursin d connection... bt wel nw itz open n me happy n bak on commentin:D:D...

Yaaar me 2 alwyz wnted 2 ve a blog of mah damn lazy n mo ova dnt ve dis much patience 2 maintain itt...dtz y i js njoy readin ur posts n commentin on itt...;;)

Hey itz feeeeelz so gr8 2 c mah namee.. ailaa me *blushin*:D:D... m on cloud 9 nw;)..

ok ok me bak 2 d ground..n again wishin ya al d very bst... tc n haffun alwyz..:D

rohini said...

wud hav killed ya had i not found mah name in tis blog..:P:P

congrats on yer 100th post dude
nd al the very behsties for coming posts...

loved reading 'bout tis down-to-earth guy...alwayz!!

simple nd sensible r the worz dat wud describe yer blog..gr8 going..
keep 'em coming...:)

Vivek said...

tis aint te first time i am comin here..i hve read many of ur posts esp te one called "4rm me 2 everybody"...i did most of te things tat u said one shdn b it was kinda wake up call for me..thnx yaar...u touched 100....gr8 goin maan...keep it up...n yeha even my frnz don visit my blog :((
wil b a regular on ur blog hereafter ;)

Preetam said...

congrats bhai ...hyd-istyle party kab hai?? :p... nywayz i read all ur posts, so applause for me too...i read 100 posts..;p..way to go blogging. :) *let the feast begin*

Fursat said...

congratulations and celebrations :D wasnt as long post as i thought..didnt take more mins to read and nice one.

and thanks a lot for reading my blog regularly and inspired by it :P hehe..

Nidhi and NEetie ka naam hamesha saath hi aa jaata hai :P

looking forward to more posts in future...

have a nice time..and sachi..nidhi and I dont sit on same PC :P haha

take care mate

God bless u !

KarthiK VardhaN said...

congrats dude,keep goin,absolutekly gr8 need to mention im regular reader of urss,still jus that u keep on tellin me to keep my comments in shoutbox...still i tell u namy comments by offlines na anyways congrats man....

Archie said...

on ur 100th post buddy !!!

lookin fwd to read more posts from ya :)

n thankies for readin my blog regularly..neva thot i would inspire someone :D:D

Freak-Y said...

first of all congrats :) on a hundred man. nice way to go :D.
seems we share a few things in common on how and why did we start of :p,
also amazed that u mentioned my name, because i figure that i am the quiet one right!?

anyways, keep going

bluerose said...

Hey Ko!!!
Kudos to ya... like I always say... jussst LOOOOOOVVE ur BLOG! Ur blog was one among the few to inspire me to start bloggin! Ur posts r something I look forward 2 read each time I come OL.
:) Hope to see the 1000th post soon...


bluerose said...

Hey Ko!!!
Kudos to ya... like I always say... jussst LOOOOOOVVE ur BLOG! Ur blog was one among the few to inspire me to start bloggin! Ur posts r something I look forward 2 read each time I come OL.
:) Hope to see the 1000th post soon...


Shahab said...

Ah Komal bhai ! Congrates on yet another milestone ..! And I am sure with ^^such^^ response you get, You'd be feeling on the top of the world .. :D .. Hi up there .. !! :p ..
Just keep on rocking ..
And me is busy with career and studies these days ... But I'll soon be back .. :D ..

And ah btw .. blushes .. Thanks for such nice compliments .. :P .. You made my day .. Well .. lemme find someone for night .. :P ..

Kk said...

WOW ! Those were some really nice words !!! THanks Ya'all !!! I'll remember this post n these comments for a long looong time ! Of course., to remember u guys, u hav 2 keep comin back :P

Just kidding.
Thanks a lot again !!!

uday jarajapu said...

congratulations on ur 100 th post man ! would lyk to see more from u .. straight from the heart ;) !

uday jarajapu said...

btw, I heard recently abt ur surgery.. hope u r feeling better now.. :)

also, cool song man...i actually took some time to sit down & listen to it and it really gels with that 'its Hard out hea' for a pimp' one :)..

Hell's Angel said...

100th post!!thats cool man!! way 2 go!!keep rocking

Kk said...

@ Everybody : WOW ! Gr8 comments 4m all of u ! See ., this is wat keeps me going ! THanx a lot guys !

P A said...

congo on ur 1oo th blog !!