Sunday, November 05, 2006

Bolo na : the lyrics

I've recently been gettin a lot of searches linkin to my blog expecting to find info about Sona Mahapatra's album and the lyrics of the song 'Bolo Na'. I already gave my info bout that in a previous post. I couldn't find the lyrics anywhere too so I typed it all out for all those music lovers. This is one of those songs that u wish u knew Hindi to understand what it means. I can almost say this songs means somethin to me personally. No more details about this part though.., here are the lyrics..
(There mite be a few errors., i'm also human ! Plz do send me the corrections if any)

Bolo na Kya hua.. humko ye kya hua..
Hui aisi baath kya..
Bolo bolo na..

Thumne maana bura.. mere kis baath ka..
Maine kuch hain kaha..
Bolo bolo na..

Thune bhi., Maine bhi., Badla kyun raastha..?

Bolo, bolo, hain baath kya?
Bolo na., Bolo na.,
Hum dono mein hain baath kya?
Bolo na., Bolo na.,

Yun toothne ki., sab chootne ki..
Vajeh hi nahi thi bachi..
Hum dono mein., kaisi thi chupne ki.,
Jageh hi nahi thi bachi.,

Phir mein chup kyu hui.. phir thu chup kyu hua..
aisa kuch kyo hua..
Bolo bolo na..
Chote se baath ne., roka hain raastha..
he he hain baath kya..
bolo bolo na..

Thune bhi....................
...............Bolo na..

Ek doosre ko., sab kehne ki.,
chaahath ko kya ho gaya..
Baathein hawa mein.., udane ki apni.,
himmath ko kya ho gaya..

Woh himmath kya hui.. woh chaahath kya hui..
woh fithrath kya hui..
Bolo bolo na..,
Kaisi thi baath ko., dil pe kyun le liya.,
He he hain baath kya..
bolo bolo na..

Thune bhi....................
...............Bolo na..


pravin said...

thanks ;)

Anonymous said...

You have done a very good job. It is fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the lyrics. I could nt find it anywhere in the net..!

rashasyl said...

nice song this is =) love the song alot.. =)

mounika said...

This song has lotta meaning...itz realy motivatin...i love ur song...u vl b tottaly tansforming wn u sing sona...