Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Maaaan... 24 hours is just not enough !!

I know.. Who hasn't given this excuse for not being regular on the blog ? I won't lie. There had been a lot of things happening in my life during the past few months, but not so many that I would hae to ignore my beloved blog. I just got lazy. Wanted to make full use of the free time I got, to just sit back and relax.

It has not even been two years into my work and I'm already exhausted !! Not because I work that much, but this work's been taking away time from my other interests and other parts of my life. That is also one of the reasons i'm single... it's true !!

I did have my share of fun, but again, it wasn't relaxing. It had to planned, organized and executed, like an official meeting. But, once we got started, I forgot all my worries and pains. Feels good to be with friends, no matter what you do together.

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