Friday, February 05, 2010


.... anybody's strength or weakness. As a kid when I read about sadhu's or ascetics talking about renouncing everything they had, I laughed. Why would anyone give up what they like for some 'spiritual or intellectual gain' they 'might' achieve. I now realize it is much more simple than that.

You get attached to people/things and your problems start because you're always worried about how to keep them, how to guard them or what would happen if you lose them. There.... is your weakness.

You get attached to people/things and you now have a reason to fight for, live and treasure. There's nothing more satisfying than having people you can call your own and things that you own.

I was very attached to my previous work place and the people there... a few more so than others. Even though I was dying to get out of the routine work, the last few days were very emotional. Should you let emotions come in the way of practical decisions... ? This time I didn't... it is all for the good I said to myself.

Until I find myself a new job or new friends or both... I feel a bit alone... even with three other 'me's !!

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Preetam said...

welcome back to life :) :p