Thursday, July 13, 2006

I know where I wanna go.., do u ??

It's finally come., the inevitable., the shady part of life where u hav to part with ur near n dear. Well., nobody's really going anywhere., but I still see the space seperating me n my friends is growin by the day. Ever had the feeling that something's within ur reach but still far away ? I hav that feelin a lot these days. Can't blame anybody., coz everybody's working towards their goals ., or atleast somethin close to that.
Should I be proud of them for working hard, takin steps to go someplace in life n some also reaching there ? Or should I be dissapointed bout me being at home., jobless ? Hmm ., lets see.
My outlook on life and little things in life is different., practical and to some of u a lil odd.
Bout my friends., some of them started workin., some flyin off to 'foreign' countries to quench their thirst for knowledge ., and some just to get the hell out of their homes n Njoy some nice tranquil freedom. They still hav a lot to achieve in life., so proud., hmm., no., not proud., but sure am darn happy 4 them ! Keep it up guys ! Keep moving !
Comin back to me., should I envy my friends who're workin and earnin already when I'm at home still studyin ? Well.., NO ! The paths we chose are totally different., no point of comparision. But I should definitely take some motivation 4m the whole scenario. They reached their goals., I hav a goal now and its time 4 me to work towards it. I THINK i'm putting in a good effort. Even if I don't make it ( god forbid )., atleast i'll b happy 4 trying hard.
All my life I've seen ppl talkin about havin goals in life n working towards them and I used to think.,how on life can u be sure that things are gonna turn out the way u plan them. I mean., Life is uncertain. But now i realise it's very imp to take life is steps., in form of short term goals coz only when u know ur destination u can start your journey.
Reach one short term goal and u'll clearly see what u wanna do next. Boy ! Sometimes I write such good stuff ! I'm goin to follow that for sure !!!


Chaitra said...

hey KK...
thanks buddy..
this what i needed today...
some motivetion!!
thanks a lot..
u have made my day...

archana said...

hey KK!
coming here after long time !

Nice to see you get your groove on! just "Choose a destination" and go!

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Ash said...

that a nice pic you have in the post.