Sunday, June 11, 2006

KK's day out..,

I'm the kinda guy that thinks that spending one fun hour with a friend is better than ten at an all-you-can-eat-buffet., coz anywhere else., there's only limited fun., so u can only imagine how much fun I must hav had 2day.
Today is really a day worth rememberin 4 a long time to come., was out for like 15 hours 2day and spent it with some of my oldest friends and my newest friend. No work., no studies.,lots of fun n tasty food. Wat else can u ask 4 !?
My newest friend Appu is here 4m chennai 4 her project n doesnt know hyd that much. Who other proud hyderabadi to show off my wonderful city than me ? n its not that easy 4 me to say no to friends., so showed her a lil of HYD., a lil of the old n lil of the old., and we had Hyderabadi Biryani., a must for all who're new to Hyd. Oh i 4got to mention., we talked., n talked n talked., 4 somebody who knows me well., those many 'talked's when i'm around wud b shocking., of course she was doing most of the talking., but i did a lil too :D
I don talk much., thats me ., but when the other person's a good, cool,no-attitude talker., i'd love to listen for hours., n I had fun doing so.
N after a looong outing cum tour cum chat ., we said our goodbyes for the day n I came back home only to get ready for another outing. My best friend Arjun was in Hyd after a long time. Though he was here 4 another reason., we decided we were all gonna spend the night together.

School gang

N after meetin up with a few other old school friends we went home ., watched movies., had dinner together, kind of., and talked n talked n like always slept in the morning. Such night outs with friends are always so much fun., i just wish they didnt booze coz after they do., its just not the same :(

My Gang

Its hard to put it words how important friends are 4 me. I'm not really an 'expressive' guy., but when i'm with my friends., in the inside I am really at the extreme ends of emotions like happiness., excitement., more happiness., more excitement. I'm sure most of u understand wat i'm talkin bout. Friends are like gods blessings., choose good ones n they'll make ur day., anyday !!!


archana said...

cool yaar!! nice to hear that you had a wonderful time with your friends. :-)

looks lyk this is the reunion month .. hehe .. i was just reading one of my school frn's blog.. they had a get together.

now that reminds me of my friends in hyd. :-)

preet said...

got it?? u forget the stuff u write in ur blog? :P

Sanchari said...

You made me so Nostalgic..

IThinkThereforeIam said...

well apart frm d blog...i like d pics too!