Thursday, January 11, 2007

A traffic light has a more exciting life than mine....

.... coz atleast it keeps changing colors all the time, stops working, gets repaired etc. Life's been sooo slow lately that a 5 min commercial ad can be made about my life over the past 6 months! I always wanted to take an year off after my graduation before I continue further with my career. To take time off regular life to do things I always wanted do, learn things that I always wanted to learn, relax., enjoy n all similar good things.

You plan something and life has something else in store for you, always! Now I know how it feels to be jobless at home, by choice or by circumstance. I don't wanna sound negative about it but I feel kind of wasted, as in, I could have done so much all this while n didn't really use all the time available. I wanna do a lot of things but....... hmm... sounds like too much nagging or complaining eh? I guess I'll stop now.

By the way... if anybody's watching Amazing Race Asia.. on a recent episode I saw something really funny. We all know asians eat all kinds of food right? All kinds of vegitation and every possible form of life. What surprised me was that all the contenders had a really tough time eating a full meal at a bengali restaurant! They were throwing up! Is it really that hard!? Not sure, but it was definitely very funny to watch.

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wmw said...

Life is what you make of it, if you're bored, go out and do something fun. If you feel wasted, go out and do something for someone. That will give you a purpose in life. I guess we all go through this in life, finding that purpose. Ha ha, I'm not nagging you, but since I'm a lot older than you, I guess I can give you a bit of advice. Though you know what they say, "Advice is given freely, but seldom taken"...LOL...Hang in there, we always somehow manage to pull through through life's trial and tribulations cos we always learn and shall continue to learn. ;o)

As for ARA, well, the M&M brothers definitely had no problem, they even asked for additional rice! Ha ha...sorry for the long comment!