Thursday, January 25, 2007

Focus.... focus.... Clichik !

Urs truly has been bitten by the tech bug lately. Actually I've been bitten a long time ago, the bite keeps getting fresh every now n then. I'm almost dying to get my hands on a digicam for me. When my parents think it's an 'expensive' interest, I gotto do something about it myself. I'm sooooo into this, upto the extent that I've been thinking of getting a part time job so that I can get me a shiny new digi.

Why digicam ? I'm a creative guy with lots of creative interests and I know i'm pretty good at photography too. I also believe that everybody shud have a cam with them coz moments are moments, they only come once in life. To capture as many of them pssbl would be really nice!

IF ALL GOES WELL ;) I mite earn pretty good on the ads on my blog too. But I can't keep my hopes up too high on these ads though. Nobody ever clicks on ads on a personal blog coz they're not 'related' or 'specific'. Damn ! I even thought of having a paypal donation widget on the sidebar but even if that looked like me begging for money, how many blog readers would give away money just like that ?

I guess I have to wait and wait a little longer untill everything goes fine n my wallet gets heavy enough for me to make one of my dreams come true.


wmw said...

Hey there! Photography is addictive! And expensive. Luckily with a digital camera, we can save on not having to develop all those prints (only to find blur shots and all). Ha ha ha....By the way, just posted on our Malaysia Flora Fest 2007 (so non food related!).

taavi said...

Cool. I hope you get your cam soon. Google ads might be a good idea. They are the only ones I have ever clicked on. The photo is a tad similar to the one of mine you commented on. Nice.