Friday, December 14, 2007

Try n try.., till u like it.

My career planning was the worst anybody could have ever planned. I graduated in one field, aimed 4 higher studies in another field n ended up working in another field. I always dreamed of pay packages so high that there were some nights I spent thinking about what I would do with all the money ! I always dreamed of working in a creative industry where I would sit in my office, chewing the pencil, my creative juices flowing, me coming up with a gr8 idea, that idea bringing my company loads of money n me getting everybody's applause n a small part of that money.

Things didn't turn out the way I planned/dreamed. They never do. I'm working in a totally technical field. I never thought I'd wear formals, now I do. I never thought I'd work for such a low pay package,now I do. I never thought that I'll be teaching anybody, now I do, well... partly.

But you know what. Inspite of all that, I'm loving my job. I really do. Think about it, you'll never really know if you like something unless you've tried it. I tried it, thank god, n I like it. Money'll come.., sooner or later., but how many ppl look forward to working everyday? I know I do ! :)

I know it's not right to just go 4 everything u come across , but it won't hurt to give it a try, n who knows...., that one trial can change ur entire life !!! Happy experimenting ppl !!


wmw said...

Well, you've reached another milestone in your life, working! Glad you are enjoying it :o)

mini said...

well... who ever u are.. i think this is gonna be the first and last time i am gonna write a comment to u.. and may be the first time i am writing a comment to a blog.. i like the way u write.. god bless you.. doesnt matter how small u started.. god brings glory to people who think big in their hearts.

Teal said...

HEy ya!
Good to see you blogging again :-D

arpita said...

hii..i dont know whether u remember me but..the last time when i scrapped you i forgot to mention why i liked your blogs...i liked them bcoz i can relate to most of your blogs, i felt that im reading my story...u hav put it in a very simple way, which is really nice :)