Sunday, August 12, 2007

Choices n confusion ..,

I can imagine just how peaceful the lives of ancient men and women were in the pre-historic times. Their secret was simple. They had less choices to choose from in everyday life. Though they didnt have all the luxuries and tools that we have today, which by the way are also among the reasons for the confusion that choices create, I'm sure their life was way smoother than ours.

Considering the confusion that choices create, I've been a very confused person lately and I'm not enjoying it. It took me three freaking hours to choose ONE pair of clothes and mind you, I'm not really a fashion conscious person. It's taking me and my dad almost a week to choose a good cell phone. (We still haven't made a final choice.) It takes me 15-20 mins to pick a movie when I go to the movie rental parlor. It takes forever to choose a gift for somebody. It's a brain racking and (in a way) life threatening choice to decide on what you want your career to be.

It's kind of funny that life becomes both organized and confusing because of the many choices we have. Too many choices give enough options to pick something from so that we can almost have exactly what we want but again considering too many options certainly doesn't go easy on the brain.

Why I chose to write (I actually made a choice within a minute on this one !!! yaay ! ) about this topic was the confusion I was in about the topics I wanted to write on. I wanted to but I decided not to write about possible solutions to deal with confusion because everybody has their own way of dealing with it or atleast they'll learn with experience.

I want to take my blog to a new level, may be a photoblog, or a blog on social issues, or a cookbook blog or continue just the way it is ? Hmm...... I'm confused..., again.

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wmw said...

Take some time to chill, do something you normally enjoy doing. Then when you are faced with your choices, you'll decide better. :o)

Arti Honrao said...

I agree with wmw. Do something you enjoy doing :)

I believe, blogs should be direct dil se ...
personal / photos / cook / social or any other type of blog.
Put your heart in it and it rocks!

Your readers will love whatever you write :)


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Teal said...

Hey KK!
Nothing is forever stagnant in life.. instead of the current pushing us in the stream of life, we are being given the illusion of decisions, to absorb our time. this is wat i feel :-P
and u can make ur blog a mix of everything - cookbook + fotoblog + ur usual stuff.
me is waiting for ur update!

deepanjali said...

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Anusha Mannava said...
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