Monday, March 17, 2008


Tests are everywhere.., no.., you didn't get rid of them when u finished ur schooling or your college. You're constantly tested in life, by teachers in schools n colleges, by your newspaper when you're solving puzzles, your patience tested by other motorists on the road and also every single day, by life itself.

Today I had an exam too, a serious one, one whose results would have pretty bad consequences on somebody's life. I had an evaluation exam at work. Though I wasn't a part of the group of test takers, I was asked to give it anyways. I did n I did it good. To be honest, it was pretty scary taking a test that could result in someone going home without a job, someone's life changing JUST LIKE THAT. But, I'm glad I took the test, I realised that I was important to my organization and I wasn't invinsible but my job couldn't be terminated just like that. It also made me feel guilty that I'm not standing up to the expectations of my seniors. I have to work on it and do something about it and this time, unlike other times, don't plan to just say it but do something about it.

After the test, I caught up with some old friends. To be honest, as always, initially I was happy but not 'excited' 'cause I'm not really the partying and outing types and they were, but, at the end of the day I'm happy that we did meet. It was good fun. I got to go to places that I wouldn't go with my other friends, had DUNCH (which is supposed to be an extremely late lunch, just short of dinner) with them, shared a few good , a pretty fun evening I can conclude.

My work's killing my social life pretty bad. I wan't to reclaim it back. It's important for everyone who's doing anything to take care that one part of your life shouldn't overshadow everything else. Take out some time for yourself and do things that you like to do or always wanted to do. Then, you can start living life and loving life like I do.


wmw said...

Yes, I fill life is full of exams...these exams are the choices that we make in our everyday life :o)

Reema said...

@ post:
True! life's full of exams..with every pass you move further and with every fail you start preparing for a supplimentary ;)
At the end of the day one counts how meritorious you were!

I love the regularity on ur blog..simple straight and sensible.
Great wrk! Kudos!:)