Wednesday, February 21, 2007 : The young soul of India

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All of us have must heard or experienced our careers break ‘cause of us spending our ‘productive’ time at work on online communities. Now, here’s one that will MAKE your career while you sit make friends, chat and watch videos. “Wait a minute.., videos?? Which community is that” you say!?

I’m talking about the new online community, Before I write what I think of it, I will put a pre-review for you in one line. For me, it’s like orkut + googlevideo/youtube + naukri/monster/timesjobs. Yes, it’s true., you got all that on one site and all in your reach once you’re a member through a free registration.

Now, here’s a little about the portal. The site’s look and feel is quite decent, neat and easy to navigate. It has different sections like Friends, Gangs (groups/communities), Bharath Café, Study abroad, Campus TV, Girls only and Earn Part Time (you can work parttime for the portal n earn money). It’s targeted at the youth, like every other community or even jobsite. But the inclusion of careers and ‘study abroad’ sections gives me the impression that this is not just another portal to pass time but a serious attempt to entertain and also help the youth of our country with their careers.

Friends: This is where you search for your friends and add them (why? I donno, but ppl love doing that on all communities) and also make new friends according to whatever you look for in a friend.

Gangs: This is the familiar groups/communities section where there are hundreds of communities under all possible categories where you can join and discuss about topics of common interest. I know quite a few people who join communities just so that they can learn stuff from the communities or GANGS. I’m so proud of them !

Bharath Café: This, you can call as an Indian version of the Youtube or Google Video where you got Latest news, gossips, wallpapers and videos in regional languages. But this is where I was disappointed, the videos uploaded here are exclusive from only and we are not allowed to upload any. Aww shucks ! Oh wait., I’ve just been informed that we can upload our own videos in another section. These videos are also good enough to pass some time.

Study Abroad: Hundreds of students from India migrate to other countries in search of an independent life and good education. The reason why they leave India to go to another country is not known to me, but I’m sure they are pretty strong to put in such huge investment in going to a foreign nation and studying there for two long years. Bharath Student have decided to help them out regarding their information about various colleges abroad, profile reviewing and Visa consultation and of course there’s the forum where students can help each other out. It’s pretty hard to get all this info online at one single place and this is what I liked about Bharath Student.

Campus TV: Aah., now here’s the section I’ve been talking about., THIS is where you can upload your videos to share with everybody. You can do so under different given sections. What’s more exciting is that you can win gifts by uploading videos from or about your college campus. You also get 100 bucks for every 1000 views for each campus video. Good start for amateur video makers eh?

Girls Only: This is a section exclusively for girls. Here you got ‘Profile of the week’, ‘Recipe of the day’, ‘Powerful Women’, ‘Tip of the day’, ‘Product reviews’ and Featured articles and discussions. I wish they had a guy’s section too. Oh well.., this portal’s still cool.

I’ve got invitations from tens of online communities and I don’t even bother to register ‘cause they’re all the same. I did register for this immediately ‘cause the home page of the site says it all.., talks about all the stuff the site has to offer and I don’t regret joining this ‘cause it’s worth it. It’s free.., it’s fun and it’s useful too. Try it.., it’s definitely worth trying. I would like to know your thoughts about what you think about the portal.

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