Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentines mssg tips....

I know, the search engines must be really running on full load today with lovers frantickly searching for 'romantic' messages or sms's that they can just copy and send to their loved ones in hope of impressing them. Well, it works most of the time but imagine if a casual friend has already forwarded the same message to your loved one before you ! Oops ! U don't want that do you ?

I've always noticed that compared to when I send forwarded goodmorning or goodnight wishes, I get more replies from my friends when I sent them personalised wishes. I suggest you do the same for V-day !

It's not really thaaat hard. You don't need fancy words or lines that look like they were lifted off Elton John or Celine Dion's romantic singles. Write down something you really want to say or express, edit it and shorten it to the right size and send it with both your names. Mentioning names adds a personal touch that a fwd sms can never have. If you girl/boy friend's cool and don't mind you being goofy or funny, make up a four line poem with rhyming words and be jussst a little funny. It'll work gr8 !

Goodluck with your impressing and wish you a very happy Valentines day !!


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Anonymous said...

How jealous and how clever you are buddy.

Vaishnavi said...

hey nice post.
BTW I can view favicons of two of my blogs even in IE.May be clear your cache or get its latest version :)