Saturday, February 10, 2007

Salaam-e-Ishq: The review

When I saw the promo of this movie and saw the huge collection of stars in this one single movie, I was very excited. All those stars and none that I can call my favorite but, I just knew that so many stories with so many stars packed into one single movie can only mean lots to see and no place for boredom and to add to my excitement, the songs also seemed full of melody and energy. Mmmm.... just the way I like them! I said to myself, ‘Dude, you CANNOT miss that movie!’.

The reviews that I got from all my friends that the movie is sick n horrible and many more adjectives that you would not generally use for a movie kind of got me worried. After I saw the movie, I was disappointed, disappointed that my friends don’t really have a good taste. I enjoyed the movie, from titles to titles. Yup! If you’ve seen the movie and disagree with me, read why I said what I said.

I used to tell my friends that I hate love stories when I actually hate love stories that are very regular, very bollywood and nothing that makes it stand out. Well, this one’s anything but that and that’s why I liked it. I liked the idea of putting six different stories in one movie. I liked the idea of having different love stories that we don’t usually see in bollywood.

Love stories that start off with marriage and go the other way around. Stories where you have your loved one with you, but she doesn’t remember you, seen memory loss stories in bollywood before? This one’s been dealt different! Love stories where you work hard to help the one you love find somebody else she loves. Love stories where life is a movie story and you just cannot help but follow the script. Love stories where you realize you’re not ready for commitment a little too late. Love stories where you have everything in life but want ‘just that little’ more which can cost you everything you already have. Stories where you can’t do what you wanna do with/to your loved one (this one’s really fun!).

Confusing review isn’t it? I’m not gonna give away the story (or stories) to you just like that but, I’ll tell you this. The idea of having six different stories that are very different from each other but kind of subtly connect to each other and having them alternate throughout the movie without boring us with one loooong story is really nice. Although it’s a three hour and 36 min long movie, I personally didn’t get bored for a minute in the movie. The songs only add more plus points to my personal impression about the movie and my review.

Don’t go expecting a typical one long love story, get yourself a big bag of popcorn, sit back, relax and enjoy the movie with an open mind. Enjoy each story by itself and you’ll enjoy the whole movie. Pakka!


TS said...

hey KK
i liked d movie too!
esp the scene where priyanka chopra and anil kapoor have a conversation @ d cafe arnd 2am.. discussing who is more confused!
anyways..gud blog in there...keep going!

malavika said...

didnt wanna c da muvi after getting reviews frm frens...lagtha hain..accha hi hain...good write btw!

and oh mind ke saath dekhungi[:)]

arpita soma said...

hey seen this post sumwhr else too..don remmber whr xactly..i mean d blog..r u dude hyderabadi?

neways...nice review!:)