Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Which bus goes to where I wanna go ??

It's been ages since the last serious post before all the reviews and videos I posted to fill up some space on my blog... I dont think I need to apologize coz not only is it against the blogging 'rules' but., I blog or not ., life goes on. What's going on in life ? Apart from being roasted in my house coz of this unusually hot summer, my brain's getting heated up from another kind of heat.., the heat that comes from trying to cram more than 2000 pages of computer stuff that I am familiar with since only a few months.

I'm not sure about how much detail I wanna go into but this is like my present situation. There are different bus-stops a few feet from each other and at each stop, stop buses that would take me to different places in life. I've been running to one stop while missing buses in another. I come back here and I miss a bus in the prev stop. Phew! Tuff life !

If you got wat I mean, may be you can offer me a suggestion. If you didnt get wat I said, welcome back to one of those many posts on my blog that you didnt understand but were nice enough to pretend that you did and left me a nice comment !


Shruti said...

Hi dear, came here from Blogstreet...
I cant say i can nderstand how you feel..but yes life goes on..And we always miss our past, thats not bad untill and unless it harms our future..
We all have soem beautiful memories to cherish, which has to be cherished but we dont have to feel regret that we cant made it back..
Take care...

Atmdeo Shekhar said...

This might help, might not.
We all have days our days and sometimes things just dont work out. You just dont get the breaks you need. In these times, it might help to search yourself and follow your instincts, and have faith in your decisions.
Incase that doesnt work, just have a glass of chilled water and get some sleep.
Everyday is a new day!!

uday said...

how u been bro :)