Friday, June 01, 2007

Can't good ppl have fun ???

As we go out almost every weekend after weekend., my friends n me realise that that are not many things that people without bad habits can do for fun ! I mean., think about it., we don't smoke., we stay away from booze., we don't really enjoy standing on the sidewalk n pass comments on girls passing by. What else do good people have left to do for fun !? Ok., I see ur suggestions coming., like., watch a movie., go for a nice dinner. Been there., done that., again n again n again ! 'Having fun' on weekends has also become a test of patience ., so as to not get bored by it.

It's also lil' things like not visiting local tourists spots coz we remember the visits from our childhood during school days where even during a trip to the zoo or a park we had to form and walk in lines and obey the rules n all such crap. I wanna break away from the label that is thrust upon these places as places for tourists n kids only. I just wish my friends would think the same way I do n try have some different kind of fun for a change.

I'm not trying to be sulky crying about the bad stuff happening in life. That stuff is always with us., I wanna focus really on the fun part of life. I'd like YOU to suggest me some fun things you can do with friends that are different from the regular movie n food stuff that we every weekend. I might not be able to gift the best answer with a holiday package ., but I will surely remember and thank you when I 'have a blast' the next fun weekend.


uday said...

ever took a trip to the wine yards of hyderabad? I heard its gr8..

p.s: no wine? no prob..they still got grape juice :p

Kk said...

Yeah man., been there., done that too ! There are grapevine yards on the way to our college., been there like just a few hundred times :D

Nic said...

why, you could perhaps go bowling.. or go-carting..
or trekking if you and your friends are fond of it..
Or.. you could just sit back and enjoy a nice game of pictionary or dumb-charades..
lemme know if you've tried all of that too already .. :)

ecat said...

I agree in totality, KK.The lack of a third space besides work and home really sucks. I have tried mall grazing- but it really gets on my nerves shuffling amidst the weekend crowd.too many good people huh? :)I enjoy books, so I hangout in a good bookstores like Oxford or Landmark (whichever city I am in)You can try doing that,IF YOU LIKE READING THAT IS!
PS:please update my bloglink in your blogroll.thanks.

Bianca said...

*Road trip
*find a hobbie all your friends like a pursue it
* have a all night movie marathon of a specific genre and like make fun of it and stuff and see who cna stay up the latest

silly but as a person who surprisingly doesnt drink smoke, or do crack these things are what you make them

Malavika said...

hobby hunt...figuring out 1 is enuf of timepass...[:)]...try skating..i heard its mega fun!

Anonymous said... tension, charminar ki mehndi galli hai na, u dont have to do anything, u just have to see arnd 100% time pass :P

IThinkThereforeIam said...

well i have seen enuf comments in ur blog... mine might be different...[ofcos thts upto u to decide]
If u have a gud bunch of patient & creative friends...y dnt u try making a small movie...[ a 5-10min skit kinda thing]
... Just give it a thought... it can be anyhting ... right frm ur school to ur undergrad stuff...
Think about it...
TS :)

~Me said...

Define fun...then prolly ill help you.

Maybe u could volunteer to some NGO. Teach kids whatever u can teach. Help the NGO paint their schools, take kids out on a picnic..oldage homes...there is so much to do..
ya i might sound boring makes your heart smile and thats a definition of fun for me :)


corn said...

i would say.. learn to play a musical instrument, or may be just walk till u r tired of it...thats what i do.....