Thursday, July 26, 2007

We DO need some PROPER EDUCATION...,

I've been so inactive on my blog that I missed out on it's second birthday on the 7th of July. Well.., it's never too late.., Belated Birthday wishes to my Beautiful Beloved Blog !

Why am I not so regular ? Blogger's block ? Naah.., it's not that I dont have anything to write., it's like I wanna take it slow ., compose myself., take notice of wat's happening in and around my life., do some soul searching., improve myself and other stuff that many gr8 celebrities do when they're not to be seen around for a few days and one day then come back with a bang. I'm not even remotely hinting that I see myself as a celebrity but I sure like the coming-back-with-a-bang thing.

I so badly wanted to write about global warming and write a huge list of what-to-do's and what-not-to-do's. The message is clear. Do everything you can to save earth. We got no other place to go to. We don't have much time on our hands. Halfway through the post I realised that we've been reading and hearing this stuff since school days and that's what we do. We hear., we don't really listen. So to really make you LISTEN (and see)., I got this video for you. Hope it inspires you to not just make decisions but to act on them. You don't have to jump off building like these kids., but you can definitely take them as an inspiration to take a step forward for the cause.

You should also check this video out. Though not completely the same theme., but this goes hand in hand too.

What I've done: Linkin Park


wmw said...

Hey, great to see a new post. I know what you mean. After watching "The Inconvenient Truth", each and every one of us need to be aware and do something good...In our small little ways, it'll add up to a giant effort!

Shahab said...

Lol .. Even I was thinking about posting that video .. :D .. Great one indeed ..

And btw .. Happy Birthday .. !