Saturday, October 15, 2005

Got time ???

This is one question thats been goin on in my mind from the past few days. well.., the tags after GOT TIME ??? has been both ' for me?' and ' Do I?' .
Deadlines are nearing.., for many things., my college., my mains., my competetive exams. The feeling of seriousness and tension which usually show up in the exam season is nowhere to be seen in me ! Is that coz of overconfidence or neglegence .., i really donno. Should i worry about this ? Yes ! I should ! What am I gonna do about it ? May b look for some motivation., some inspiration., some good competetion.
Do I have time 4 my family and my friends ??? Yes.., as far as I'm concerned., nothin's changed in this section of my life. I've got so many friends that I know adore me and love me a lot. My Family is getting all my love n affection when I'm with them. But Sometimes its hard for me to devote my attention and affection equally to all my friends without makin anybody feel left out. But so far so good.., i think i've given them my best and I still am ., coz my friends., they deserve the best.

Do my friends Have time for me ? Hmm ! now that is one controversial topic ! Whom do you blame when ur really close friends are just a itsy bitsy too busy for you !?
Your friends ???coz they're doing something thats good for them., somethin very important to them ? Na.., coz that wud b selfish.,
You ??? Coz you care enuf to always think about your friends and try spending as much time with them as u can ? Na ..., coz as a friend., its ur both your right and duty..,
Your fate ??? Coz it has everythin to do with all the bad things that happen to you ??
Na.., coz Fate is somethin made up in fiction. it doesnt exist.

So., do you sit down and cry about it ? I dont think so .., when ur life isn't giving you wat u wanted..,u can either fight for it or just may b wait 4 some kinda miracle to happen.


arun said...

nice post yaar.. I always have this fear whether I am devoting considerable time for my friends becoz of my busy life..and in the process will I loose them for my life... then again.. I realise they are my life.. I think life n friends go hand in hand!!
what say you??

vatsalya said...

nice one

vatsalya said...

i am not alone ...there are people who get worried about not having sufficient for doing things....this is what i felt after reading your blog