Saturday, October 22, 2005

Goodbye Already !!??

In my three and a half years in this college., no other day has been so emotional. The last leisurely day in our college has passed by. Life for the next few weeks is going to b hectic followed by vacations and then projects and reports that have to be done. All these mean being away from friends., friends that I have bonded so well with 4 the past few years., friends that are hard to stay away from. I really wanted to enjoy ‘the last day’ at college., things didn’t go as well as I wanted them to, but again those few fun moments at college 2day are worth remembering. Though this was not the last I’d see my friends again., I barely held back my tears at the idea of not being able to see them that often now. I made it a point that I was gonna wish everybody I know personally., sad that I missed out on just a few though.
After wishing everybody in my bus., and coming back home., no one really had the mood to do anything. By the way., some little girl., for some reason called me 4m her school bus and said 'Bye annaya' ! Cho chweet ! Woah .,woah ! Did I say that girly thing ! Er.., I meant., how nice of her ! :D
Anyways I made up my mind., no stayin home n thinkin bout all this and worsening my mood., so.., I went out 4 dinner with some good friends and had good fun !

Well.,someppl called me silly 4 missing ‘the dumb college’ and getting emotional so early b4 the real farewell. I think only ppl who’ve had such good friends and fun, as I did will really know how I feel. Friends here will never b 4gotten no matter how busy I am ., no matter where I am and I really expect the same 4m them.

Whatever I write in my Blog., its the truth., straight from my heart. I've had many friends but just a microscopic percentage of them are those who i can really call 'friends for life'. I have many different friend circles but honestly and frankly I feel out of place with most of them. Its allways been my secret dream to have a small gang of my own., with 2-3 guys n 2-3 girls really really close to each other ., we can hang out n stuff..,share everything, etc etc., I've realized., that ain't that easy with all the restrictions the girls have .., but I'm thankful to god for givin me these two guys karthik n rohit .., they complete half the dream.


alekhya mandadi said...

i m the kind of person who lives in d past and keep thinkin about the good times i shared with people i love n always say 2 myself "y does time have to fly".so i totally empathise with what u r sayin :)

incognito said...

sadly cant empathise with u as alekhya does!! will be on CLoud 9 the day i'll leave mah clg!! trust me!!
anyways gr8 one dude!!
and regardin mah'll be a while.. exams n stuff!! not that i read but!!

Anonymous said...

liked the last para..nice to c that u speak out ur heart in d blog...coz many ppl write wat ppl like to c...keep up the gud work.

Glutton said...

Trust Me dude,Luved every bit of ur Blog...n i can relate myself 2 so many of ur Posts >:D<...
Way 2 Go:)...

Shahab said...

Great Post ..!!!!
That happens when you write straight from your heart ... Keep it up ..

Btw.. I am getting pop ups on your site .. I blocked that music file with Maxthon already .. :P Check why those popunders are coming from where ..