Friday, September 29, 2006

Gandhigiri ? Really ?

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was and is popularly known around the world as Mahatma 4 a reason., not coz he got the title., coz he deserves it. Now you must b thinking my inspiration to write about him must be the new bollywood movie. Well., partly true. One of my friends asked me my opinion bout gandhi's relevance in today's world., for his mag that is. That made me think., and when I think., I write.

As another bollywood flick states ( brilliantly), "There are two primary choices in life- to accept conditions as they exist or accept to take the responsibility for changing them". I believe there's atleast one man born in/for every era ., just to do the latter. Gandhi did just that. His revolutionary ( ironic term here ) new approach to winning Swaraj or an independent India became one of the most popular philosophies in freedom struggle worldwide.., the non-violent disobedience movement. Why ? Coz it worked against the mighty British empire !

Of couse he's had his share of controversies., laks of ppl died in their struggle for independence tryin to fight off british batons only with slogans., not much of a defence rite? Gandhi still stuck to his principles and of course got what he and the whole of India wanted., but at what price? Gandhi is also blamed for being mum when India split into two., resultin in Hindu Vs Muslim fights and also for not saving Bhagat Singh and his comrades when he cud have done so.

So what is Gandhi's relevance in today's world. Wud Gandhi get all that respect and following that he got back then ? It's hard to say.., India then, had one important reason to unite to follow and believe in him and his not-so-flawless philosophy that we now don't.,an Independent India. He mite probably earn everyone's respect., may be for his almost ascetic and independent lifestyle., his commitment and faith in truth and non-violence., but how many would follow Ahimsa in today's world.

Ahimsa and Gandhigiri would be totally out of place in today's world coz there are enuf bad ppl out there to screw u royally if you act nice with them. Showing your other cheek when one is slapped will just get both of them red n swollen. Be nice to ppl who're not the same to u and they will pounce on you like vultures and strip every bit of dignity and 'niceness' off of you. After the dinosaurs., if anything are extinct today., they're guilt and conscience. Ppl., atleast in India are already dealing with problems as patiently as pssbl n what do they get in the wait for justice ? Nothing much ., just their faces wrinkling and their hair greying. I'm not preaching violence here but u just cannot get anything done without raising your voice. Today's major problems would be environmental or financial problems or terrorism or political power struggle not against an outsider but within our country. With all due respect to his policies., they just don't have a place in today's world. We all know it., India today is not like India yesterday., but the least we can do is learn a few things from a man who changed the tomorrow of yester-India.



Hiren said...

Well, the thing is that no one strategy works all the time whether by Gandhi or otherwise. I have taken extracts from autobiography to explain this- Stray thoughts

Preetam said...

mmm..made me think after a long time.:P good way of putting teh entire stuff..likd the presentation. magar tension nai lene ka bhai..;)

ME..ME..and Only Me! said...

well..i really dunno what to say other than the fact its a very will written blog..:-)