Friday, September 22, 2006

I'll start off this post with a line very regular in my blog.. What A Day !!! Spendin so many.., soooo many days at home., wanted to be out of the house as long as i could., today. So., began my mission. Soon., it was the time i'd been dreading for quite sometime now.., time 4 me to cook !! Bless my lucky stars.., if there are somethin like that.., my neighbour cooked me some good stuff. 4get the stars., bless her !

After lunch, me n a friend Roopesh started 4 a movie ., Hyderbadi Nawabs., a flick about interesting local hyderabadi charecters., a sequel to a prev., better movie The Angrez. This is y i lost hope in sequels. They shud be made by ppl who can make them., not by those who want to make them. Some good food money down the Hyderabadi drain. Then we had lunch in one of those places when you fork out more money on one item than I paid for my notebooks for a whole year in school. Well., anythin for a good time out., so., we had a tasty hot greasy pizza and got out.

We were not satisfied., yeh dil mange more and yeh tummy mange even more ! It gets cold., it starts raining and we were short of money., but all these don't deter two determined hungry young men ! We decide to fight nature and follow man's oldest instincts : hunger ! The rain starts pouring down harder n harder but we drive our way thru and finally make it to the desination : The Ice Cream Parlour.

I always found it interestin hearin ppl say they like to have icecream when it rains., wanted to try out how it feels. It feels silly ! YE ! My tounge's frozen and I have to speak like i have a slipper in my mouth instead of a toungue and slowly I get that brainfreeze in my head. That's the last time i'm doing that ! After coming back to normal.,we did some shopping and headed our own ways., with the rain still lashing on. Then I have more places to go to and I get soaked in the rain for whole 3 hours ! I was so wet., I carried water from one part of the city to another., speak of efficient water transportation system ! I'm back home., wet., cold., tired and hungry. I cook up some hottt dinner., hog on it and am here blogging about it. Wat a day ! Isn't it ???


ME..ME..and Only Me! said...

man..cant blive u dint like ice cream when it rained..tsk..tsk!!

Priya said...

for a moment, you made me think you can cook ! LOL

Priya said...

for a moment, you made me think you can cook ! LOL

rajeev said...


Nice blog!

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