Wednesday, September 20, 2006

In the line of hobby !!??

Many ppl ask me what my hobbies are., expecting me to say stamp collection., sports ., music or something. The reaction I get when I telll them my hobby is ., "whaat !? U !? " ., "How odd !" .. "Oh ! that's interesting!". Can't a guy like to cook !!!???

That's true,. you heard me right , I like to cook. N i'll tell u why that's my hobby and my most fav one. With all respect to the other hobbies such as collecting stuff., reading books., etc I personally don't find any enthu in doing things that give you back something. Oh yes., u can say they give u joy. But creative hobbies such as making stuff with your hands give you Joy AND something that you can proudly call your creation and in my case you proud creation treats your tastebuds and also satisfies your hunger ! Now., isn't THAT Joy !? ;)

But again., as with everything else in life., this has its own pros and cons. The best part about being able to being cook is that in a way., I'm independant., unlike many ppl who can't cook., I can cook myself stuff that I like ., the way i like it and if not in the mood to share., hog on it all by myself !! N ye., when I do share it with my family or friends., contrary to the popular jokes cracked on me., everybody's who's tasted my cooking is happy and healthy and proud to have known me . ;)

As I learned from the movie Spiderman., our own powers are sometimes our worst curses. My dad's liked my 'cuisine' so much that whenever my mom's not in the house for more than a day., guess who takes her place in the kitchen !? C'mon., its not so hard., guess ! Yeahhh., ME !! :(
It almost becomes like my duty coz nobody else has that talent. So., when hobby turns into duty., it can be a real pain., coz I can't deny I don't know how to cook., at the same time I cant keep up with the silliness coz sometimes I have to come back home early from my friends for freaking cooking for the family ! I feel like a housewife ! Crazy !!

But I guess it's hard for me to say no to my family., I just wish they understood and get a freakin cook ! or go buy us some food. It's my hobby damn it., not my duty !!!



just a good life

IThinkThereforeIam said...

wow!! house husband in d making...!!
nice 2 knw u cook well...
no wonder...when u told me u have 'those extra kilos'...;)

aryan said...

who the heck said cooking aint a hobby! screw them dude! cooking, like any other hobby is an art . and if ur good at it and if u love it ..then go ahead!
cooking aint "unmanly"..its an asset.
and phuleeese! dont give a damn abt what ppl think...
go ahead and cook the cook "COOKER"

Rekha said...

hey KK, u r a dude man!!!!!! Well, cooking happens to be one of the varied hobbies these days. U have this talent in u n so u must feel great enough to tell others that yes......"I LOVE COOKING"!!!!! KK, just dont bother what others feel about having this hobby.....ok? and by the way, when are you making me to taste the delicious food prepared by u? Huh?

Anonymous said...

wat the cook:p
gr8 to noe dat ma favv bloggie is gr8 @ cookin
way 2 goooooooo:D

Anonymous said...

wat the cook:p
gr8 to noe dat ma favv bloggie is gr8 @ cookin
way 2 goooooooo:D

uday said...

u go kk!
cooking indeed is an art that I am yet to master myself..

and don forget the silver lining on the black cloud.. yes, u may be compelled to cook for family but..

u would be a dream date to most single & working gals who dont know how to cook themselves :)) !

Daisys Child said...

Cooking is also therapeutic. When I'm miserable I cook cakes, the smell cheers me up and the sugar lifts my metabolism. I don't always share but then that's when the freezer comes in handy. Happiness to you.

rajeev said...


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