Tuesday, November 01, 2005

DIWALI ..., wat is it ???

What is Diwali ? Just another of the many Indian festivals .., Ask any Indian this question and u will NOT get this reply . Diwali is probably everyone's favourite for many probable reasons .
Let me ask YOU one thing ., the best part about Diwali is getting all dressed up in new clothes., buy lots of sweets ., meet up with friends and family.., but one thing that bothers me are the fireworks.

Weapons of mass destruction.., ok., not mass., only destruction., dangerous things that can explode when least expected .., burn your hands., scar your faces.., pollute the atmosphere.., waste a lot of parent's hard earned money.Thats wat Fireworks are ! As we Indians call them., these ' bumbs' and 'raackits' and 'flavar paats' .., how can u Njoy seeing ur money go up in flames like that !

OH MY GOD ! Wat the hell am I saying ! 4get the crap i just said ! Diwali is OUR festival ! Its our RIGHT as Indians to do all that stuff written above ! GO AHEAD ! DO YOUR THING ! Have fun ! DHOOM machao !!!! HAPPY DIWALI !!!!!!!!

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Shahab said...

A Very Happy Deepawali to you too .. :)