Wednesday, August 02, 2006

My B'day .,

22 years ago., 8 minutes after the clock struck midnite marking the begin of August., a soft haze formed around the moon., astrologers and priests predicted the birth of a king ., somebody who was born with the power to change the fate around him., one in a million., THE ONE !!

Well...., he must hav been born someplace., 5 hours after all the hullabaloo., here in hyderabad ., the humble., down to earth ., cute lil me was born :)

I've always been somebody who lived up to wat I say. I enjoyed my life every moment. I dont hold on to memories that strongly ., good or bad., I rarely regret somethin I do and all the good things in life., I enjoy for the moment., waitin 4 the next best thing to come.

This Birthday has been anything but a blast. No celebrations., no big treats., no new clothes., no baloons., no decorations. But still., it's gonna b one of my most memorable Bdays ever.
Y ??? Coz my friends made it that spl 4 me.

The day actually started off at midnite. I kept getting calls n sms's from sometime b4 midnite 4m friends who wanted to be the first to wish me ! After a long series of taking calls and holding calls., I took the call 4m my friend Harsha who asked me to come downstairs. He were here along with Gautam and Anand with a cake ! I'm not really fond of cutting cakes even at this age., but doin it with good friends at that time on the deserted road n the almost freezing winds is somethin cool !! Then the usual cake cuttin and cake smearin we had a small photoshoot. Now that's a spl start 4 ur Bday !

kk bday 012.JPG

kk bday 024.JPG

I didnt hav much plans 4 the rest of the day coz of different reasons but I didnt complain. I've had enough treats n parties n food the whole week to last me a whole month ! Even though it didnt look like my Birthday., it sure did feel like my Birthday.
Coz i was constantly reminded by the many many Bday wishes I got 2day. Here's a short account of it.
'Bout 140
orkut wishes.,
22 sms's .,
more than a 50 phone calls . That's the most number of wishes i got on any single day of my life !!!

Then I ended the day with a late night show for the movie 'Golmal'., a silly sensless but funny comedy., that's a really fun way to end the day !!!

I took time to thank everybody who wished me., but it doesnt hurt to do it again.
Thanks a lot 4 ur wishes guys !!!
Hopin to hear 4m all of u the same day., next year ;)

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alekhya said...

sweet...lifes full of pleasant surprises.