Saturday, August 26, 2006

A young girl that blew me off my feet.,

I've just taken this liking to reading., reading everything., books., news., mind numbing business articles and editorials. So.., i just finished reading 'The Diary of a Young Girl" by Anne Frank.
In the begining i was a lil hesitant to read that book coz of the name. I'm gonna read a girl's diary ? After being convinced by my sis., i took the book and started reading it. After a few pages I realised., this girl isn't a normal 13 year old girl. She was mentally more mature than many would be even at 15-16. She's more cheerful n lively than anyone I personally know. I just knew that this is obviously one person I'd love to know.

This real life story is from the World War II era. The time when the Nazis were mercilessly hunting down the jews and killing them by the millions. Anne frank., a 13 year old jewish girl , with her family and one more family, go into hiding inside a hidden annexe of their office which she later calls the 'Secret Annexe'. They stay there for two long painful years untill they're eventually found.

The diary starts from the 13th birthday of this extraordinary girl right untill 3 days beforeshe and her family are found. As you read this book., you start feeling as a part of the annexe., as she was talking to you., and slowly you kind of get attached to this young girl. It's really amazing how she manages to keep up her spirits even when she's stuck in the same place for two long years with people that are hard to stay with. Kudos to her.She's still in the process of discovering herself and still writin her diary and all of a sudden, its all over. Anyone who's got even an ounce of compassion in them will surely feel a prick in their heart when the book's over., just like I did.

This book is a must-read for those avid readers, and for even those who don't., this cud b a real nice book to start off with. I say this with all sincerety,. may her soul rest get some peace that she really deserved.

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Madhuri Velugotla said...

Hello Mr.Kamal....i am new to this bloggin stuff and jus happened to come accorss ur blogpage....firstly lemme commend ur creative effort...really gud work..:)...and above dat really impressed by ur article on the buk abt a young galz diary......keep it up...:)

IThinkThereforeIam said...

well...the comment below...just spoke my mind! ;)

nivash said...

hi will u help me in blogging i read your posts please say me how to post pic in a post