Wednesday, August 30, 2006

My Blog's got a new haircut !!!

Hey ! Welcome to the renewed and revamped humble lil' blog of mine. Absolutely nothing against the old template but that template's been there for an year now and a few friends of mine wanted to see somethin different. So, i took out a few hours from my empty schedule and made this new template. I will accept the fact that the layout was from another template, but the colours, and all the graphics in this template have been fabricated by yours truly. Hope ya'all like the new look and you will still keep coming back like u've allways been. Any comments n compliments are welcome :)


nobody said...

Nice change... in fact much better than orange....[:)] good work!!! Kudos!

Preetam said...

too good ma..:D lagey raho komal bhai

Anonymous said...

me also taking time out of my empty skedule n postin a comment

argh,i got bored f d orange one
thankz for the new 1 much betta and much soothin;)

Hell's Angel said...

hey this is sure a good one..u make better choices..