Thursday, August 17, 2006

Rain cannot wash away my spirits.., may be my sleep..,

I was in another world, my dream world, dreaming about wat life would be like in the near future, I dream very close to reality, fantasy has no place in my life other than in movies. I'm woken up by my sister at half past 5 in the morning. She tells me I gotto drop her at her early morning class. Half awake, I carefully make my way to the bathroom to freshen up, careful not to hit anythin on the way. I come out, still not fully awake. I get ready in record time coz time doesnt wait for anyone. My sister's class does wait 4 everyone., coz its basically stuck inside the building, but time doesnt.

Not bothering to check the weather, I dress up in a very thin Tee shirt and a coat that basically offers no protection from cold or rain. I kick start my bike n rev up the throttle. As soon as I come out of my building, a blanket of cold air and en even colder water drizzling down hits me. I'm too sleepy to worry bout that now, i'm focussed on my mission to drop my sis at her class.

As I drive on,the breeze and the cold rain water cut through the flesh on my face and hands., atleast that how it feels. I got no protection for my eyes, which now, wanna go back to wat they were doing 10 mins ago, locked away in warmth and comfort of the eye-lids, resting after a whole day of strain. I manage to reach my destination on the slippery roads, through dangerous early mornin traffic and against the spine chilling cold breeze.

The rain gets thicker on my way back home. My fingers start to freeze and my palm turns pale white. My eyes are barely open n I almost drive with my eyes closed, coz i know that road like i know.., hmm., that road. I manage to reach home without any incidents or accidents. Blood starts flowing back to my face n palms as soon I reach the warmth of the indoors. Coz my hands are numb, I have to get them warmed up to write this down. No., I dont stay in Alaska or Siberia., but when yesterday was sweating hot and 2day's like this., that's exactly how it feels in my head.

Rainy day


preeth said...

rain rain go away big b komal wants to play..rain rain go away..:)

Fiona said...

and I bet it was freaking hot the next day... Hyd's weather is really cranky. But I think the best part is when you come back home, change into dry clothes, and cuddle back up under the warm bedsheets again... it feels SO good!