Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Finally ! The Darn exams are over..............., 4 NOW !
I know them exams are not gonna leave me anytime soon.., but atleast i can catch my breath 4 a few days. Wanted to do a lotta interestin things .., in these holidays.., like watch every english movie thats screened in the theatres., go out every night with friends.., watch TV 4 hours., and everythin else u're dyin to do when u have college or exams.., but all those things are fun during exams than in the holidays.., and I'm sure many of u will second that.

Its the first day of my loooooooong holidays and I can already feel that its not gonna b any different 4m the other vacations I've had. I said loooooooooong coz this sem., there's not much of college that I'm gonna b seeing.., NO.., i've not been detained ! Its my final sem at college ( sadly ) and I'm supposed to put the 'knowledge' I've gained at coll to the test and show it off in some project.Well.., project can wait.., I've still got the " RECLAIM MY LIFE " part left ( if u have read my prev posts., u'd know wat i mean ) .

I've given hundreds of exams thru my life.., this time., it made me think., how silly the system is. I mean.., we pay thousands of rupees to the inst to listen to their booooring lectures., which is almost never used in the real life., and in turn.., they TEST US bout how much we've learned 4m class ! I mean., in a way., thats kinda insulting., isn't it ?

All that exam crap aside.., holidays are here.., and i can hear them callin out to me.., Gotto go partyyyy and have a Blast ! U do too !


Anonymous said...

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magie said...

heya ...thnx 4 droppin by n commentin'' holabak...ciao