Friday, November 25, 2005

GARAM MASALA..., oooh.., SPICY !!!

Of course its gonna b spicy n hottt ! Which Hindi movie nowadays isn't ???
I wanted to see this movie for 3 reasons., First., vacations have started.., I HAD to watch SOME movie., y not this one !? Second.., I just knew the combo of Akshay Kumar and Paresh Rawal was gonna be hilarious as we all saw in the past. John abraham was prob tryin out his hand at comedy 4 the first time . Third.., the songs were energetic and I expected the movie to be too.
Comin to the movie., Akshay plays Mac , a born flirt., jealous work mate. He gets his hands on an empty Flat and three gorgues and gullable gals ( Priti (Daisy Bopanna), Sweety (Neetu Chandran) and Puja (Nargis)) who fall for Akshay without being aware of each other. John plays Sam/Shyam , Mac's old buddy and now BOSS cum enemy. Paresh Rawal plays Mambo , the caretaker cum cook cum everythin of the flat. Rimi Sen plays Anjali ,the innocent fiance of Mac. Neha Dhupia .., well.., she just comes n goes !

The movies all about how Mac manages all these charecters. Priyadarshan ., I donno how well he cud make normal love story or family movies ., but has done a good job here. The comedy in the movie's all senseless and silly and thats the best part ! Coz ., thats wat's all around us., thats wat makes us laugh everyday. Akshay and Paresh have done a gr8 job., John., well.., looks like an over grown orangutan when he's jumpin around the set. Well., then u can laugh at the joke and ALSO at him., so thats double funny !

When u go watch this movie.., don go lookin 4 story or sentiment.., u cant even dig up one bit of either. Its a comedy movie and comedy is wat u'll get.., and lots of it ! and yeah., the hot/cute ladies.., they're worth watchin the movie 4 ! Here's my personal FAV.

So.., Go watch GARAM MASALA and add a lil spice to ur life !!!!!


Anonymous said...

hmm...;) nice new look

bluerose said...

WOW!! KO!! NIce work man! It's good. Blue's really a nice color...