Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Stop the MADNESS !!!

Reality Shows have taken over every national channel in India and all over the World ! Thats good.., but Wat the hell's wrong with the creators !!??
I'd like to say this specially to those shows in India where " India gets to decide " bout who's gonna b the Indian Idol., or the next play back sensation or the best dancing couple of India ! I mean., 4 gods sake !! What does 'India' know about Singing or dancing ??? When we got legends and experts in those fields to judge those ppl .., how well do the votes of us ignorants count ? I mean., we are the same ppl who have watched the same heroes dance/jump well into their old age with amazement in our eyes and watch the same silly soaps on TV 4 years n years where ppl die and show up 4 somewhere .., again n again !
My point is.., ppl are so influenced by wat they 'see' on TV ., that things such as dance n singing are just entertainment. If u observe closely ., it's always been "votin 4 the personality " rather than 4 the singing or dancing . What's the point in giving the most imp decision of elimination to the audience and then fussin bout all the good participants gettin eliminated !!!?? I know that these kinda shows generate a huge revenue 4 the shows and the mobile operators ..., Damn ! 4get bout money makin .., ppl !
Good talent is goin home .., goin 2 waste !!! Screw yu all Money makers playin with the dreams n hopes of all those poor ppl !

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keerthi said...

rotfl....funnily wittily written but soooo darn true...me tot agrees wid ya here kk