Sunday, November 27, 2005

Social messages spread quick thru Ntertainment ..,

2day.., I was watchin this program on TV .., a re-telecast of a charity show that took place in my hometown of Hyderabad ( LOVE that city !). It was for raisin funds 4 the HEROES PROJECT ., The Heroes Project is a three year national initiative launched in July 2004 to work with media organizations and societal leaders in India. It seeks to develop coordinated campaigns to address the spread of HIV/AIDS and reduce stigma and discrimination by educating the public and advocating for a change in policies.
It was very nice seeing all the south Indian stars together for a good cause like this. Richard Gere.., the founder of the project was here too. He's a real life hero., takin out so much time to visit diff countries and places and doin all this., selflessly !
I thought I gotto do my share of contributin to this .., i've put up a link to the site below in the sidebar.., make sure yu go check it out and pass on the link and message to ur near n dear .

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