Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Movie Marathon...,

I'm not really a movie freak., the one that goes runnin to the theatres when a new movie is released ., and wants to see it before all his friends. No ! I'm anythin but that.. i take my time., hear wat ppl gotto say about a movie ., look at the promos carefuly and then go watch the movie. Sometimes all this takes so long that the movie is out of the theatres ! But thats alrite .., I'll wait till the CDs or DVDs come out and watch it then. So.., u can say that i'm picky about the movies I watch .., and THAT is a good thing., coz I really Njoy every movie I see !

So.., startin with these holidays., I've started a Movie Marathon ..., atleast one movie a day.., as long as I can carry on . Most of them i'm watchin at Home. Its cheap., its comfy and at my liesure. I'll be puttin Updates of the movies I watch and also a short review.., keep checkin back and who knows., u just might get to know a movie u didnt know existed and u even might thank me after u watch it and like it !

November 24 , 2005

Harry potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004) : I missed out on this one coz it had been screened in the IMAX screen and back then., i didnt feel it was worth spendin that much on it., i was right. Though its a good movie., its fun watchn it at home .The Harry potter and co have grown up and it feels not so kiddish now.

Garam Masala (2005) : A second show ., after a loooong time .,in the cold winter nights and it was worth it all. The movie had wat i expected 4m it., lotsa humour and no silly sentiments. Worth watchin once ., if u have a good taste 4 some silly senseless comedy and wanna pass some good time., u deff have to go watch it !

November 26, 2005

Fight Club (1999) : I must say.., I didnt expect this movie to be this darn good ! I just thought the movie was a hit coz Brad Pitt's in it. The storyline is with so many twists.., u need to follow every single thing that's goin on in the movie . Its pretty complicated., but when u make out wat has happened ., u're gonna b blown away ! Watch it if u haven't watched it yet!


November 28, 2005

Flight of the Phoenix (2004) : Its about a plane with a oil drillin crew and the pilots in it that crashes in the Gobi Desert with nothin but sand 4 miles n miles around. Oh yeah., almost 4got., there's a little genius in the plane too. The movies about how the genius helps the crew try n escape 4m the desert. Do they or don't they ? Watch the movie.., its good.



The Village (2004) : MINDBLOWING ! No wonder it was nominated for the Oscars and won two awards 4 the best movie and many other awards ! The less I speak about this movie., the better. Watever u miss.., dont miss this movie !



November 29, 2005


Premisthe ( 2005) : A true tragic love story., the director says .Premiste is a dubbed version of Kadhal, a supposed Tamil blockbuster. It was kind of on the lines of another dubbed movie I saw. Heart touchin ., sad story.,very good performance by the lead stars., good songs., crazy tamil style ! I don have any regrets watchin this movie., a good movie on the whole.

November 30, 2005

Vennela ( 2005 ) : A movie about a group of Indian students studyin in the US . I usually like movies where the east meets the west ., coz its always interestin how the two cultures deal with each other. I was a bit dissapointed in this case. Not much of "east meets west" . It felt like a telugu movie on the whole. Almost the whole cast includin the director are newbies., and Raja., the lead actor who's relatively a senior acts like a newbie ! So it had that low budget movies that are gainin fame nowadays. An average movie i must say ., not even close to the hype that it got.


bluerose said...

hey! this is better than the blue, really it is.

swathi said...

well...nice blog here..
and ur rite when u said the third movie wasntw orth watchin in imax.. i saw it there and was cursing myself cuz all it gave me was a headache..!!
and is dat music coming from ur blog?how did u do dat?

Anonymous said...

wow man! u've been watchin a lot of movies ..holidays .. eh?

a question.. did the movie 'marathon' realease?