Sunday, January 08, 2006

2006 Weblog Awards

Hi friends !

I shud first thank u all for going thru my blog as regularly as u can and putting down ur comments n thoughts down very honestly ( i hope).
I came across this Blog Awards on one of my favourite blogs. She's 4m Australia and has been nominated quite a few times for 'Best Australian or New Zealand Weblog' ,'Best Designed Weblog','Best Writing of a Weblog','Weblog of the Year' etc.
I'm usually very shy and hesitant when it comes to askin 4 favours. But again, u guys are my friends., i'll put all that aside n ask u this.
If U think I'm worthy enuf., Plz go to and nominate my blog for the " Best Asian Weblog" ., and other suitable titles ., that is again., if u thnk I'm good enuf for that.
Thank u all once again !!


ArChaNa said...

Hey! I voted for you in the best asian weblog category!All the best!

ArChaNa said...

To let you know, I am competing in the 'best community weblog' category :) !

bluerose said...

Hey ko! Me too voted 4 u!
All the best! :)

Hell's Angel said...

sure will vote 4 u..but who'll vote 4 us..u can also nominate urs 4 "best designed blog"!!good luck..

incognito said...

awesome man!

Anonymous said...
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