Sunday, January 01, 2006

(Good) Things I did 2day :

-- Was out with my best buddies at nite 4 dinner n came back home just b4 midnite. Not exactly new year kind of fun but I got to spend a good one hour with them., so it was good.
--Stayed away 4m a party coz I was not comfy with the crowd .,when it comes to friends n fun I dont comprimise and I didnt.
--Talked to a few relations on the phone at midnite n wished them good luck 4 the new year.
--Was online till 4 am in the morning talkin to two good friends and listened to almost all the songs I love.
--Woke up 4m sleep very late after a looong time !
--Had a lot of food thru the day ( real bad beating 4 my diet).
--Gave emotional support(atleast I hope i did) 4 a very very good friend of mine when she needed it .
--Wished n got wishes 4m a LOT of friends thru sms and online.
--Met up with school friends.,checked out a new place and had good fun.

hmm., that was a pretty good start the new year !!


bluerose said...

So, new year was a real good day huh? :-)

Fursat said...

nice things :)

atleast you are satisfied thats good.

wishing you a great year ahead :)

take care 1

The Bhandari's said...

Thanks buddy for ur wishes.... Wishing u a great year ahead

ArChaNa said...

nice! that's a gr8 start!