Monday, January 16, 2006

Speak to me...,

There's a New Magazine comin out in Hyderabad Targetted at the youth aged 16-25. It's called HYD-ro-GEN. It'll cover all possible issues concerned to this age group. My friends are involved in this and I'm tryin to get an article published in it. Even if it doesn't ., its gonna be a good addition to my Blog.
This post is gonna b a little different . This is going to be a discussion post. I wanna know what you., my friends., my readers think about one of the most spl days of the year for most of us .

The Valentines Day .
I want you to write your opinion about this day.,its effect on our culture.,how imp it really is to us etc etc. Everything u have to say about it ! I'd like your FRANK and HONEST opinion bout it. Don worry if your ideas clash with others. It doesnt matter !!!
I'm not going to write what I feel bout it coz I dont want my ideas to effect urs in any way.
So., wat are u waiting for !!?? Start writing !!! U can leave 'wat you have to say' in the comments.



harsha said...

Kokaa...indeed a matter of concern...well, personally i feel Valentine's Day is an absolutely unnecessary Eve... atleast in India... coz its nothing but aping the western culture...people around seem to be forgetting the age-old Indian traditions which are well-appreciated thru out the world...
This is all that i gotto say in this context!!!

hudzie said...

wel... i wud say itz jus a TP.. n another way 2 fooool urself.. Valentines day...boyy.. itz nt imp 4 ya 2 xpress wht ya feeel on 1 particular day only.. itz ur feeelings...u cn xpresss it netime n neway... newayz... wht shud i say abt mera GEN.. v jus luv 2 hav fun.. so v celebrate as Fun day.... instead of goin out wid our guyz... v al frndz njoy d day 2geda..

Anonymous said...

Its a very special day indeed,why bring all unneccessary crap like religion and baseless sentiments in btn.It really doesnt matter whether u r single or not but this day has a very nice feel to it.More colorful than the rest of the year.If u start talking abt saving culture n crap like that only when it cums to celebrating valentine's day...its ridiculous.Its more like a special common anniversary for all the ppl in love and ppl who just abt love and appreciate finest thing in life.

Vaishali Adwant.

KK do our comments find a way in ur mag with our names in their?Its good to have diff ppl having diff opinions than just a stub or article on the day...what say?think abt it.

Anonymous said...

I donot think it is wrong to celebrate a day in the name of 'love' just because someone else thought of it before you & I!

For that matter, even our own festivals are not part of our culture, they were part of that of our ancestors! So, chosing a brown ancestor's culture over a white ancestor's culture would be nothing different from discriminating a person based on his religion, caste or creed..would it not?

ofcourse, the only thread that unites us is that we share a common gene pool and a similar system of faith {religion, sentiments etc.} with our brown ancestor but if we go just a few generations back, our brown ancestor was connected to the white one!

My argument is that every culture should be truly reflective of its times.

Now, who {whether it is Indians or Amreecans or europians} gets to define that 'contemporary' culture is based on the lattitude, creativity and the animosity of the individuals involved..dont you think?

- uday

Anonymous said...

Unless n until u know the real essence of that day…no one can truly njoy it. The day where “u gotta b u”… else thers no significance to it.

rohini said...

hmm..well therz nuthin harm to lighten up nd hav fun ...

if u luv someone u shud show it everyday..buh in reality u probably don't..once a yr we cud all do with a nudge to wear yer someone's fav dress..go out..enjoy each otherz conversation...remember y u fell in luv in the first place...wot eva u do any xtra effort will be appreciated...

WE jus need an ocassion to hav fun..letz not get the culture nd religion into it!!!I am totally bemused when one labels Valentine's Day to be a part of the "Western culture." ...

ppl r makin it a senseless political issue..valentine's day is more like a
1. RSS/Shiv Sena Protest Anniversary
2. CPM debate day on cultural values
3. Congress day for celebrating Human Mating ...

Crap!! seriously

alekhya said...

well for me valentines day is jus another day of mine if i m not wid the love of my life.but when i m wid d one i love and even if its not feb 14th,i feel it is a celebration of love,life and happiness.i think its music channels which blow the concept of valentines day out of proportion.its a media tactic.but i wont deny that i would love it if any1 comes wid a boquet of red roses and kneels and front of me n proposes 2 me on this day...jus like any other gal it would make me feel spl

lost to a differant world said...

the day may mean a lot to those who are in love truely and would like to express it, but it is taken as fun by most of them ,fun in the sense ,in the case of boy girl stuff...they just try out on many and expect for atleast one to click.that is funny .this is not our when i say about culture doesn't mean that i am narrow minded or stuff like that.what i meant about culture is, this kind of attitude will bring the concept of dating,flirting and no sooner will it lead to degrade of our family system or may be no respect for marriage .i have no objection for true love, and it can do without a day like valentine's day.things are not the way they are might say it is just a day in the year, and it cant have its effect .but it can be prolonged too.none of us has the right to destroy our society.okay..okay i am going too might be fun..but still it is not required.ofcourse a valentine can be not just this lover boy or girl can be anyone.,but there are many who do not know the real meaning of the all this required in a country where the mindset is entirely differant?
talking about our culture,it isnt any political issue,it us something which has spirituality...spirituality is nothing but peace and love everywhere.once you start feeling and learning about spirituality,all these kinds of days would mean nothing. spirituality is a science, not a superstition or any blind gievs the feeling of purity.just experience this, you will have the real fun all over the year.... not just a day.
okay..i guess u must be thinkin by now who is this?!?! but ,i strongly believe in this, and i would love all of them reading this to stop being the so called posh,cool,stylish modern age girls and boys and, learn about the essence of our culture,which is lot more better than this. and i donot mean by culture ,the so called woman in the kitchen,man in the office, woman weak,man strong.
it is something which is wrongly understood, and shown.

okay ..i know i have bored you guy,but still now that i have the chance to show it up,i had to put it on.

Kk said...

Wow ! A lot of mixed opinions ! Keep them comin., thnks :)

Hell's Angel said...

hey its not necessary that u have 2 express ur love only on that day..everyday is an auspicious day.. But like how we consider our bday very special likewise this is a chance 4 lovers 2 consider this day 2 be a special 1!!I dont think this affects our culture so adversely as compared so many innumerable things happening around..

abu said...

After all, what is Valentine’s Day other than a commercial activity for someone somewhere, to make money? I am made to believe through subtle advertisement that my spouse will believe that I love her only if I send her a costly Valentine’s Day card. Or, that my fiancee will realise that even though I don’t understand her, I can still prove that I love her by gifting her a neatly bound book of 200 blank pages, priced at Rs 250. I am referring to a recent advertisement that said “No one can really understand women”, which was followed by another, advising young men to buy and send a blank book as a Valentine's Day gift to his fiancee. If this is not commercialisation what else could it be?
The danger of this kind of commercialisation is that it could send the wrong signal to the Us.
Not many younger ones are worried about Indian culture, whose value is indescribable and infinite. Man’s passion is for change. Kiss, by itself, took years to appear on the celluloid screen, and now it is a fashion everywhere.
Lamentably, promiscuity, pornography, sex-education and “crazy festivals” like Valentine Day — aided by the visual media and the internet — appear to be the order of the day.
Sociologist Mc Iver defined culture as “what we are” and civilisation as “what we use”. In the fast changing world, it seems, he would have to re-define their values. These festivals pose a real threat to our culture. Unfortunately, the guardians of our culture are too weak to counter it.
Valentine’s Day festival is becoming popular every year, due to huge advertisements and encouragement from different sectors. This is spoiling one. We should respect our culture and behave in the way as an Indian in India. With the onslaught of western ethos, we can see most of the college students, BPO/call center employees planning for the festival well in advance. We can see these people spending their day in clubs, pubs and live band restaurants. Is this the way to celebrate the day ? This is spoiling us in a big way. We should put an end to this.

But why only February 14th ????

am not either from bajarangdal or VHP Haha... ;-)

bluerose said...

Hmm.... for me it's just another day.... or another way to get people to waste their money...??
WHen I'm in love I think everyday would be valentine's day!
But i feel it's nice 2 have a Valentine's day, a Friendhsip day,...etc...