Friday, January 20, 2006


Na., thats not bout the movie or the song., plz don even mention them., i'm really sick of 'em now. Well., thats the name of our college's lil cultural fest. Nothin 'cultural' bout it., but thats usually the name given to the fun events everywhere.
Last two years., it really SUCKED ! We had it in a stinkin lil campus where it felt like it was a school annual day function! Compared to all that., this time it ROCKED !! I'll tell u y..,
-- first., the venue was changed to
Durgam cheruvu., which was a little hard to find but a gr8 place 4 a party.
-- Second., We had a Tent., that too a pure white ., good looking ., washed Tent !!!
-- The crowd was HUGE ( Prob., close to 3K) !!! Fests like these are fun if there's a Huge crowd.
-- There was music playin all the time., so ., me obviously liked it.
-- Was with a very close friend ( Gautham) 4m school and one close frnd (Santosh) 4m the present class the whole day., coz they're not ditchers n I really like that .
-- Did I mention the crowd !?

-- We had a Rock concert 4 the first time.,by Wreckage ( runners-up at Hyd Campus Rock Idols) . It was a lil too heavy metal - Deathrock kind., but I enjoyed a few tracks., i even headbanged 2 them n came home with a headache !!!
-- The fashion show was gonna b good., but the crowd wasn't worth such stuff., it got stopped in between coz of.., well., the crowd !

After everything was over., on our way back i 'gave lift' to some stranger., which I usually never do., so thats the good deed 4 2day .
Then ., was goin 4 dinner with Gautham., met two cool friends Jawahar n Jaysurya on the way (I hav to mention cool coz Not many of that kind in my coll )and took them 4 a hot spicy n yummy north indian style dinner at a Dhaaba at Banjaara Hills with us.

Alrite., the bad stuff., It was darn hot 2day., half of the crowd wasn't worth the good fest., food was not that good., was a lil boring in the afternoon.,last but not the least.., the DJ SUCKED !!!

Even If it was just not that hot 2day., this wud have been a really gr8 day !!!


Anonymous said...

hey komal good wrk me dint attebd the fest ra but u filled that with u blog pal ............ carry with this stuff

Anonymous said...

its me abhilash ra hav grt days ra

ravi shankar said...

good narration style..dude
so the crowd wasn't to ur liking?? happens manytimes..
so u had a good(not great???) time at durgam cheruvu..
by the way which college do u belong to??
going out with ur school friends is the bestthing one can do.Atleast that is the best thing for's happiness unlimited...
I too would like to go to a dhaba but I wonder if there are any around my the best thing i can do is enjoy from ur experiences..

saba said...

hi kk thanks for dropping by my blog , neat space u have here . will come here more often . durgam chevru is a decent place i think

Trinity Teal™ said...

hey komal,
looks like u had a blast... :)
anyways .. u have been tagged!!!!

rohini said...

had fun ehh??..gud! :)...

sorry cudn't make it to yer fest..
had neva been to durgam cheruvu..shud check out the place once..i guess its famous for wrong reasons!! :P

Freak-Y said...

if i assume the order is the order of priorities, well we just differe a little dude :D.

kaani manchi pointse le :)

keep going

maxdavinci said...

gud thing u guys took it away frm our campus!

i tried a lot last yr but a lot of assholes pulled me down!