Friday, January 06, 2006

It was a Lovely evening. Slightly breezy., perfect temperature., NO traffic police on the road ! Me n the gang decided to meet up at Eat Street., one of the most happening places in Hyderabad. We met at Eat Street ., almost on time ! Gosh ! So rarely that happens ! It was an unplanned outing but finally was decided that the treat was on Karthik coz he got his new mobile phone. Cool !
(click pics for bigger size)

We all tapped our wallets gently and smiled silently. Rajiv
got a TINY pizza for 50 bucks + taxes.
The rest of us got Chaat( which tasted weird that day but was still good coz we didnt pay 4 it ) n drinks. Then a small round of photoshoot with Rajiv yellin and attractin all the attention we cud hav asked 4 !

Time 4 desserts ! Ice creams 4 everybody !!! everybody took a cone and I asked 4 a speciality which i regretted later coz the cake was stinkin like it was made of grease ! Ice cream was good.

Then time 4 my experimental photography on the open roof top. We tried out a few pics in the cinematic 'Sepia' effect. Results were gr8 ! Here's one sweet fruit of my effort.

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Anu Menon said...

nice pic!!!