Thursday, March 02, 2006

2day when I woke up., i had already plans in my head bout wat i wud b doing 2day., and like always., they took a bad beating and i was again devastated and sittin in my room cursing my life .,etc etc. Then I decided that i wudnt let that happen to me. Its my life., i play it., it doesnt play me ! When there's nothin else to do., wat better way to spend time than to watch a gr8 movie.

I'm veeery choosy bout movies and after spending bout 20 mins in the video parlor., the movie I got home ., winner of 4 Oscar awards including Best achievement in direction.,Best movie., best female lead actor and best male supporting actor., I
present to u ., The.......... Million Dollar Baby (2004) !!! Don start assuming i'm crazy. Just tryin to do it in the boxing announcer style. But hey., look at all those awards. They're almost the top awards any movie can get n after watchin this movie I really thought it deserves it all. Yes it resembles Rocky (1976) a lil bit. Coz of the fact that its a girl thats the boxer., things are a lil different n difficult 4 her in her struggle. The actors Hillay swank, Clint eastwood and Morgan freeman ., well., do I need to say anything bout them !? Y the heck to ppl make emotional movies n truble lil senti ppl like me. Damn it !

After that., i thought to myself " wat !? only this much fun for one day !? Hell no ! thats not me !
I need more". So i call up my friend gautam and we go 4 another movie ., The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (2005). I've been waitin to watch this movie 4 sooo long. I'd say., it didnt meet 100 % of my expectaions., of course i was expectin somethin better than The Lord of the rings trilogy. Silly me ! Anyways., if u like fantasy movies and u still have that child in u that likes adventures m stuff., u'll looove this movie., just like I did. In one line ., this movie is a triple scoop fantasy icecream with five layers of imagination sauce decorated with delicious creative n crazy nuts.

I seem to b writing too many movie reviews these days. Well., these are the most fun things happenin in my life nowadays. May b I shud start writing 4 mags in the review sections. Wat say ?


Archie said...

me first?? :o

havta watch million dollar baby. heard from lotssa ppl that its a good movie.. and here i found a nice review from u.

i saw chronicles of narnia.. just loved it :D

Preetam said...

saw both o them...liked both o them :)...but the question is wen? wen? wen? and wen? will i see rang de basanti???? :((.

badgirl said...

yea me second :P

me too hv to watch million dollar baby.

bt abt Narina ur absolutly right i was also bit confuse in d starting is dey r tryin to copy lord of the ring or wt :O bt finally amazed by the acting of that sweet lil baby LUCY n visual effects graphics everything was really awesome.

badgirl said...

sorry not second dhuh uaaaaawn