Sunday, March 19, 2006

My Buddies.,

I'm sooo comfortable with the whole blogging thing and the blogworld that I wanna put my whole life on my blog., as much open n candid as possible and stretch my 'introvertish' attitude to its limit.I've been blogging 4m a pretty long time n I've never told u ppl about my friends. Bad on my part. I think I'll start with my buddies from school.
I've got only this pic with all 6 of us., its pretty old., probably 8 years old. Coz after that., all 6 of us get to meet rarely coz somebody is always busy. So here goes.,
From the left to right.., its Siddharth in Red., then me., then Chaitanya., Anirudh., Arjun Pal and Gautam. There's a reason y I'm writin bout them suddenly. I'm gettin to know these guys a lil better recently, which shud hav happnd way back in school., but glad anyways. In school we grew up as a all boy group., carefree., fun fun and more fun. I'm quite surprised that none of us ever had any problems !! Actually., that mite b the reason that some of are still kids in our heads. Not being around girls has also makes us a feel lil confused n shy n uncomfy among new ppl.

So here's a short intro bout everybody:

Siddharth ( Sid ) : The calculated guy. He had small problems with the plans he had with his acads but he made sudden changes and made it all work out really well. The most dignified ., but also the most out-of-control guy in our group. He knows his priorities well and does not get carried away that easily against his will. A real hard worker., atleast after school. He was a crazy ass in school., now he's better., he's just an ass :P I must say the only romantic guy and the only guy in real romance in our group...., yet ;)

wat I like about him: He's always been the 'different thinker' in our group. He's quite adaptive in new situations.

wat change i wud prob'ly like in him : Not much I guess., i neva used to like northies 4 some reason.,but he's too good not to like him 4 such silly reasons.

Next is me., next to me is

Chaitanya ( Chaitu ) : I really never knew this guy that well all these years coz we talked very lil although we spent a lot of time 2gether. We always had clashing interests n tastes. Now as I get to know him little by little., i realize that he's a pretty matured but radical thinker. Not that he does things in haste., his thinking's a lil radical but he knows wat he's doing and looks like he'll bring heaven n earth 2gether to make it. I remember he used to lie a lot to all of us to keep interestin chat goin on :P

wat I like in him : He's almost always calm n composed. U'd never guess the problems this guy has behind his placid appearance.

wat change i wud prob'ly like in him : He's an open minded guy but a lil stubborn in his opinions., which is good most of the time., but u shud always b open to changes.

Anirudh ( Anni ) : Sweet inside ., ruff outside. Very stubborn ., unless u know how to break his will., and that ., I do know very well ;) I've seen so many extreme sides of this guy that i cudnt come to one conclusion bout wat kinda guy he is. He's always been my punchbag. I've been beating him up as long as we've been friends. even after spending close to 8 years with him., its been hard to understand him.

wat i like bout him : He's a damn good hard worker., i know that 4 sure., also a really caring guy., he doesnt show it though.

wat change i wud prob'ly like in him : He's got a few new habits that i'd like him to get rid of.Not coz i don like them.,but becoz that he's a gr8 guy and he doesnt deserve all that shit.

Arjun Pal ( Pal ) : My closest friend in this group. No offence to the other guys but i know him 4 the longest time., almost 11 years. We're two ppl with different tastes., diff attitudes., diff lifestyles but we think same. In these 11 years., i don remember even one occassion havin a tiff with him. We're such close and popular friends in school that once we made up a prank to fool everybody that we had a fight and only we both knew about it. BOY ! Did that create some stir in the school. MANY ppl includin a few teachers came up to us to find out wat really happened. We've been thru so many modes of life., we literally grew up together. He's the real grown up in our friends. How many ppl smoke and booze and have a girl friend in class VIII ? (not that all that stuff is good)

wat I like bout him : He's the real gutsy guy among all of us. The risk taker i must say. I appreciate that., not everybody can take a diff path and not turn back.

wat change i wud prob'ly like in him : Nothin much I guess., he's a lil stubborn in his own way.

Goutham ( goti ) : One of my closest friends ever !! Very senti n emotional., doesnt always show it out but its quite obvious. His love n affection 4 anybody is pure and there's no fake or show off AT ALL ! So., if u're one of those that he cares bout., feel lucky n proud that u are ! He was a very sportive., energetic and happy little guy in school. Sadly he's lost most of that now., but he's still my very close friend.

wat I like bout him : He's very caring sensitive and affectionate guy.

wat change i wud prob'ly like in him : He's very caring sensitive and affectionate guy.

I've found hundreds of new friends after school., but i still am with these guys coz they're really really nice ppl. We're all like family. We're as comfy with the others families n homes as we wud b with ours. They've all got new habits n a few small things that I don like., but hey., nobody's perfect. As long as they keep that stuff away 4m me., they're gonna b close to my heart.,


WoRLd of MaH oWn!! said...

kewl man...reminicin...
hahahahah... i bet itz so fun 2 js sit bak n think abt hw v used 2 b wen v wer 2geda in skoool..
i really njoyed readin abt ur palz dude... n ws kinda imaginin hw dey really r:D:D:D:D:D:D...

rohini said...

Is it frendship week or wot?

i mean al of us writing 'bout frenz nd mushy thingies :P

nice one :)..

Freak-Y said...

one hell of a sutbborn bunch dude!! how the hell did u all get along!! but thats how sometimes friendships prosper with completely different characterstics :)

yeah it does sound like a friendship week, was thinking to write second edition abt my friends, but seeing u and ron do it already, had to pull back me plans :). good stuff man!! keep goin

P A said...

i know i know ... u really get to know pple really late !!. but whn u do .. u relly feel happy ... cuz u know den dat dey will nvr leave u !!

Hell's Angel said...

nostalgic??? good that u still stay in touch!!