Thursday, March 02, 2006

The passion ..,

As I sit down in front of my pc., teary eyed and my heart filled with so much sadness n emotion that i'm not chattin to anybody rite now or even listenin to music., I do my little research on the movie whose review I want to write down., the movie I just saw., the movie that has touched my heart n mind like no other movie. I'm talking about The Passion of the Christ. I've seen a lot of movies, both old n new recently but I've really wanted to write something bout this movie. I always had immense respect 4 Mel Gibson coz of the amazing actor that he is. I admire a lot of ppl 4m hollywood but i'm a true fan of this man. His directorial skills 4 this movie are unmatched. The whole cast's performance is simply amaaaazing. The lead actor James Caviezel looks like he was born to play the role and he does so much justice to him being cast as Jesus.

Jesus's story is so interesting and wonderful. His birth and many of his miracles were predicted as far as 450 years before his birth. He's believed to be the son of god and some even say he's god himself. I think all that shows that he's somebody 4 millions 2 believe in. He was so admired by his followers when he was alive coz he sacrificed everything for his ppl. His story is an example bout the responsibilities and sacrifices that come along with the power that u've been given.

I've watched many tv shows about Jesus's story and a few movies too. All of them told the same old story. The Romans who were ruling the region that time were jealous of the popularity Jesus was gaining and they got him crusified. We don hear much bout the common Jews., the ones who aren't Jesus's followers. Is this movie we get to see the role played by them too. The blame 4 Jesus's crusification is shown more on the jealous jewish priests and blood thirsty jewish mobs. The Romans or the roman authority is shown to have done wat he needs to do to avoid causing an uprise lest he loses his control over them.
The bloody gruesome scenes where Jesus is made to go thru a lot of whipping and lashing and other torturous punishments caused a lot of controversy both among the film industry because no movie studio was keen to take the movie coz of all the bloodshed n voilence and also among the general public because not everybody was happy to see their lord being punished like that., but hey., that is wat happened n that is wat the movie shows.
The punishment scene and the crusification scene made me cry like a little baby the first time I saw this movie. I thought i cud b strong the second time., boy was i wrong !! I just cudnt hold back my tears. It took me some 30-40 minutes to do my research n make this post., n my eyes are still moist n red.

Plz dont think of this as just a christian movie. Dont look at it as a movie that's of another religion. Its bout how selfless someone can be for ppl that trust him. A story of relations with ppl imp to u., resposibility towards ppl who believe in u., love for all ppl- friends or foe., betrayal., belief ., emotions., sympathy and a lot of things. If u have not watched this movie., u have missed something that u shudn't. Please go watch it. Sensitive ppl., keep tissues in reach.


Fursat said...

now i got to know why you were slient yesterday.

this movie must be nice. we all know this story but as you said its diff...lets see if i can watch :)

take care

Anita said...

I watched the movie too... once.. i will not dare to watch it again... it kinda affected me too deeply... i totally understand thenway u feel

bluerose said...

Ya, me watched it too. Deeply moving. The flogging shown in the movie is no way comparable to what must have actually happened...and to think that all this had happened bcoz of God's Love for each one of us.. is so overwhelming.. really....

Couldn't watch it again.. was too overwhelming......

archie said...

after hearin so much hype abt this movie.. i initially didn't want to watch .. but then after watchin I cried at the end.