Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Funny Video

Watch the video
WE were tryin to intro each other ., but it soon turned out to be a fun war of words
*** In the video page., press the play button twice or more times to play the video ***


False_Angel said...

too bad ... i dont understand a SINGLE word... but hey you guys look cute ;)

archie said...


bluerose said...

:) hey!
cute video.... funny,ya.. ;) just that I cudn't catch a word tht was said! :P
Nice to see u having a gud time....


Hudzie! said...

Dude... since past few dayz me tryin 2 chek out dis video but dunno whtz wrong.. m nt able 2 play it:((... newyz nahh blamin ya:p..

wel off..lukin 4ward 2 ur nxt kewl post.. tc n haffunn...:D..n i bet u dt alwayz:D:D