Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Most of us don really know why we celebrate HOLI ., but we do. I like that !
Ppl 4m all communities, religion, region., castes etc etc come 2gether to celebrate this. I like that !

Its a festival that kicks every rule about being neat., not playing in mud., not running out on the streets like crazy kids., not throwing disgustin stuff on each other a kick in their ass. I like that !
ITS A HOLIDAY !!! I like that ! ( who doesnt??? )
Its the only day u can escape ppl's wrath even after doin stuff to them like throwin them in a pool of color water or mud., blast eggs inside ur friends pants., hit strangers with wat baloons n stuff. I like that !
Colors are sometimes made with bad chemical crap n that can b real bad 4 us., thats the only thing I dont like.

I'm gonna stay indoors this time., coz I gotto take care of my skin n complexion too :D
But u can go out n have a blast n celebrate HOLI the way It's supposed to be !
Wat are u waiting 4 !!?? Get ur butt outside n blast ur friend with watever u got !!!

HAPPY HOLI !!!!!!!!


~Goda~ said...

are u sure that it is the eggs and ur hair that u are worried about rather than ur complexion dude!

anyways, have a nice time yourself, happy holi :)

Preetam said...

kya aapko skin n complexion ka problem hai??...koi baat nahi...use herbal colors...dhara thakkuva, durada ekkuva. 3 months vadandi..6 months gokandi..malli malli konandi...:P