Thursday, April 06, 2006

After many hectic days with tonnes of work along with small problems bugging u like mosquitoes in the dark, in a power cut on a hot summer night ., one good day helps bring a smile of ur face., doesn't it. No wonder I'm smiling so much 2day. Today has been a real good day. Some due work regardin my project was dealt with., met so many friends n familiar ppl in coll 2day that i didnt have time to b bored. I did have a lil problem with my guide 4 the project.,but I think i can overlook that one lil thing coz i had such good day.
I finished all the exam work very liesurely while everybody was runnin around tryin to get things done. The food in the canteen was bad., but its like that evryday., so no complainin bout that.
The best part of the day is that i gotto speak to my one of my best friend after quite a few days. I donno wat was wrong or y the gap ,. but glad its gone ( i hope it is )., but the dumb me didnt talk much. I know., I'm really dumb ., but its just that., we're speakin after a long time., n i didnt wanna do anythin silly to spoil it all again. Better be quiet n good, than talk somethin stupid n ruin it all. I wanna badly know wat went wrong., but again there's no way to find out. Anyways., that can wait., coz we're talking again !!
Guess wat., the good times dont end there. I got two of my good friends join me in the buson the way home. Haleshwar., my classmate n good friend came home n after we had fruit salad with icecream., which felt like heaven after a hot day.,i went to drop him at a pool parlor and ended up playin with him n the rest of the gang ( who're a looot of fun by the way ) for around 3 hours. It was FUN !!!
Came back home., tired n hungry but happy. My eyes are heavy n my whole body's cravin 4 rest., so with this line .,i finish this post.,with a smile on my face of course .
I gather all my energy to do one last dance 4 the day that i've had.


WoRLd of MaH oWn!! said...

kewl kewl kewl... day seeemz 2 b only lil smile on ur face makez it awsumm...kewl dudee...:D:D

wel abt d best frnd tok...dude he/she is ur bst mattr hw worst thngz had become wid ya peepz bt wht r bst frndz 4??? best frnd is d only persn wid whom u cn tok abt nethng... nethng meanz nethng...who carez if ya sound stupid or dumb..only ur best frnd cn understnd wht u really mean n wana say...!!

newyz keeeep smilin alwayz:D:D

KarthiK VardhaN said...

nice to see this after so many days...really months dude...bhai jus be cool n evrythn is on ur side....hav fun enjoy life...listen 2 karthik thats what u hav to do for more...jsu kiddn

Fursat said...

"mosquitoes in the dark, in a power cut on a hot summer night"

i have this probs here :( :(

and ya its really nice to meet good frds after a long time...feels nice..sab purani baatein...hmm :)

keep meeting them :)

Freak-Y said...

good old good days..

sunny-blog said...

Time it took for me to read this my very hot apartment..i cud really feel the ice cream ya..!!!
catchin up frnds is alwayz fun ...
have fun....bbye