Friday, April 28, 2006

Goodbye College ..,

Its very ironic that one of the most awaited and also one of the saddest days of my life hit me on the same day., the 27th of April 2006. It's one of the most awaited days of my life coz it'd b the last day of my engg life., the same reason y its also very sad. Somethin that was a major part for 4 long years of my life., ended just like that., with a single bell that announced the end of my last engg exam.

I was gonna write a post bout me., but then I thought Y not write bout wat i've been thru the past 4 years n how they've affected me. This is gonna b a loong post ., so those of u who think this is too long to read but hav the patience to sit thru 3 hours of made up crap at the movies., talk for hours on the phone or spend days finishing a book., I guess 10-15 mins of reading this post shudnt bother ur patience levels much. Here goes.,
**** To save me energy n time, i'll write ' last four years' as 'LFY' *****

The main thing that I'll remember bout the LFY is that I've gone thru so many changes that I think i'll stand as a perfect example 2 the phrase ' turning over a new leaf'. There hav been quite a few changes physically n in my personality that ppl who've known me for quite sometime always keep mentioning it. For good or bad, ppl change as time flies by and that's how life is.

Before I joined engg I was this chubby guy whose fashion statement was 'still in my jeans n shirt that i had on last nite' n I had this moustache that never felt the touch of a blade., n now., I'm a hunk !!! Ha ha., not really but compared to wat i was b4., u can almost say that. I've lost a lot of weight., dress slightly better n am still tryin out new stuff. I still am a simple guy but I've learnt that it doesnt hurt to dress good., coz 4 u to look good u hav to make an effort., not everybody's born a model.

One more very apparent change is in my introvertish attitude that I had even during the first year of my engg., i was shy with anybody who i didnt know for a loong time and this was really bad when it came to girls. I rarely talked to any. I hav reasons 4 that which I'l mention in sometime. Now all that is almost gone. ALMOST. I've used the 'ragging' in my II year to get rid of this. I started talkin to so many boys n gals while ragging that my shyness kinda dissapeared. Now i'm so comfy talkin to everybody., especially girls that sometimes I take too much leniency while talkin to them that in rare cases it leads to trouble. But hey ! Lots of ppl love the new me., so I guess I can overlook those silly complaints. On the whole., U can say I've 'broken out of my shell'.

The F.R.I.E.N.D.S : This aspect of the LFY is somethin that I'll never never 4get., NEVER ! I've made tons of new friends., some good friends., few close friends and very very few hand picked friends that I can call my BEST FRIENDS. I always dreamed of a small 'gang' of my own with some certain traits that'd make them good friends n gr8 company n that we can hangout a lot 2gether., share everythin n be ., like., inseparable and wud do ANYTHING for each other n other good stuff. I realize that its easy to dream but all dreams dont come true esp when it concerns girls n i always 4get that we're in India but I'm very glad that i atleast found those 'spl few'.

I'm the kinda guy that gets attatched to everythin n every place in my life and 4 important years of my life is not somethin that I can 4get just like that esp when it carries so many memories., some very sweet., some not so sweet yet unforgettable. Here are few things not easy 2 4get that happened in the LFY related or not related to coll.
- I was bullied by my snrs in the name of ragging !
- I had my first 'parties' of my life with games n dancing n discos n stuff.
- I started talking to girls ( yaaaaay !!! :P)
- I've grown out of my shell., I ain't a shy introvertish kid no more.
- I've started dressing a lil neatly for the first time in my life.
- I've stooped to my academic lowest in my entire life., into the 50-60 % zone., but I still believe that these stupid examinations and percentages don't really show wat I really am.
- I failed in an exam 4 the first time in my life., no., I was failed 4 the first time in my life.
- I've got my highest and lowest ever marks in any exams in my life.

- I travel 90 Kms everyday to n from coll !!
- I spent more time in the canteen n playin volleyball that I've been fined for attendance shortage., also the first in my life.
- I've tried to learn engg stuff that tens of ppl took decades to research n discover in just 4 years ! Now who's the genious !!??
- I wrote 50 + main exams in just 4 years., thats a lot !!!
- I've lost a classmate to an accident., n thats really really sad.
- I've been in a Riot and ran from the police for two weeks !
- I hav had the BIGGEST crush in my life in the LFY.

- I've become a Net freak in the LFY.
- I've started blogging and in the process learnt a lot bout myself n 'grew up' a lil more.
- Thanks to Blogging and ORKUT lots of ppl in Hyderabad recognise me when i go out.
- I've covered soooo many eatouts n restaurants in the LFY n in turn spent a fortune on food !
- I've been gifted my own bike , PC and Cell phone in the LFY.
- Slipped a disk in my back.,got it removed in surgery n was on the bed for 45 whole days !!! This has changed my life a lot !

I'm never gonna 4get the friends tht I made here., the time i spent in the canteen n on the stairs chattin to friends., my wonderfull classmates (who i'm really proud of coz inspite of so many diff mentalities we never had a single fight)., the loads of Jnrs that i'm friends with., the long fun bus trips., the ragging., the bunking., the chatting., the 'batting' ., the deadlines of the labs ( which we never pay attention to, NEVER)., the college fests., n a lot more.
This is 4 all those who are still studyin in coll., u mite hate ur coll a lot ., but remember that this coll life doesnt come again. Njoy it to the fullest while u still hav it., if u dont find it cool or interesting., then make it cool or interesting coz nobody else will do it 4 u. The whole coll n the system that u hate., u wll surely miss after u leave it.



Fursat said...

wonderful post as i wanted to read it later as need to rush to off but thought to finish it 1st.

college is something u never get again in life. these are golden days of life. u make mistakes and realise it then understand the things in a better way. when u leave college u realise u have changed the way u used to be some years back.

chalo take care and all the best for everything in life :)

God bless u !

ravi shankar said... days r the best...I u will have many firsts..especially..first crush...god..the sight of ur class girls walking in...nothing can compensate those missing moments..u can observe a lot of changes from the day u entered to the u leave the college...u walk straight into a world which is so uncompromising..u can no longer skip deadlines..(very bad)...cannot be late life rocks

Anonymous said...

good one loads of info with emotions( shud i use emote icons?)
schools are the reason we come close and get together so our temple of friendship. ......
have a nice future KK
ur friend

Sweety Maruth said...

nice post yaar!!!

colleges days were best in life..most unforgetable thing..where it mixed f both sad n never chome back again ..uff!!! so sad..hey don worry..cheer up dude :D
u ran frm police ...hehhe!! funny :P

neways gud luck in life...n hve more fun n joy!!!~~||

P A said...

really brings out da feelin of 'will really miss coll' .... a beautiful write up :-)

ArChaNa said...

your post reminds me of the best memories of my college days!

college life rocks!!

procrastinator said...

jeez .. i couldn't have gotten more nostalgic :-(

WoRLd of MaH oWn!! said...

Mah gudnessss... u js mkin me fall in luv wid ur postz yaaaar... dunno abt adaz... bt 4 me ur postz r alwyz outta d world....>:D<<<..
wel... dude al i cn say is dt me had loadza fun in mah skool n inter dayz...n again thoda break frm d last yr of cllg...wen i ll again join cllg..dn wil surely share mah xperiences wid ya;);) til dn hudzie ko bhooolna mat ok..:P:P

invincible moii said...

i read ya blog coz am nah buzy ;) :P hehehhehe
well thats kewlll.. esp the way ya expressed ya 4 yrs.. boyy u really r talented.. way to go dude.. kepp up the gud stuff comin :D