Sunday, April 16, 2006

Alrite., now u know my school friends ., its now time I introduce u to my good friends ., from my engineering., the ppl I hang out with regularly., the ppl i'm close to. There's a looooooot to speak bout these guys., sometimes words are not enuf to express everything., watever i cud., i put it down here.

Meet Mr. Santosh Pawar., or just pawar to us. I don hav one regular pic of his coz he never is regular. A perfect mixture of crazy guy + reserved guy. He's got habits that i dont like but i can overlook that coz i know he's very good at heart. Wat i like the most about him is that he's veeeery down to earth. A pretty brilliant guy if not for his laziness. We have very good understanding. I'm friends with everybody 4m my class., n i think its worth mentioning here that i really am proud of my class., in the sense that , so many diff mentalities 2gether for 4 years in the same class, and not a single fight or clash., thats goood ! and I'm closest to this guy in my class. I wish him all the best for his future and his love life too ;) U're good man., just dont b shy or scared., if u want somethin ., u have to try hard for it. I think its time he stopped wasting time n took life more seriously.

Yo everybody ! Give it up 4 Mr Rohit and Mr Karthik !! Two of my cloosest and best friends . My comfort level with them is unmatchable.

Rohit (blue): A typically nice guy., a lil confused (perhaps)., otherwise very good at heart. Very selfless friend., ask him 4 a favour n he wudn't hesitate much. He's prob'ly taken advantage of in this matter n i get angry ., everytime that happens. Being too nice is also a bad thing sometimes. He absolutely loves to go out and eat out a lot., my kinda guy ! ;) One interesting thing bout him., when he's not really tryin., he's a chik magnet ., but when he is., he tends to get a lil carried away n it doesnt work in his favour. So mintu bhai., chill out n sit back n wat u deserve will come to u.

Karthik (in white): First thing anybody'll notice about him is that any hour of any day of any week., u'll find him dressed up neatly as if 4 some spl occassion. Its not a bad thing., but 4 someone like me who's dressing style is the 'just-out-of-bed-casual' style., this is a lil too much. Very nice guy and clean in habits. Very calculated guy., damn i'm always impressed by tht ! Another thing i like about this guy is he manages to impress ppl by talking., and can hav ppl sit with him 4 hours while he's talkin n talkin n talkin. Wish i cud hav some of that power. He's very good with girls., somethin i have to learn also 4m him. Being emotional n senti is good., but too much of anythin is not nice ., i know he'd deny on this point but I know how things are n he needs to chill out a lil too. I better not mention the Three-letter-word here just so that I don get my ass kicked.

So., here are the dangerous trio ., the other half of the very few ppl i hang out with. Rajiv., Preetam and Susheel. Me., rohit., karthik and these three are the regular freak out grp. All of them are 4m one section and i'm 4m another., we're all still very good freinds. Its an absolute blast hanging out with them. I've seen a lot of the outside world and tried out new places with these guys and all those moments will b remembered 4 a loooooooong time. These three are the funny guys and their jokes and timings are too good. They think that i'm not being too 'into' the grp coz i dont talk much. I think its waaay interesting 4 me to just shut up n listen to them talk., funny stuff or serious. Frankly speakin , their thinkin is a lil diff 4m mine coz they got diff principles in life n follow them strictly., but again its not too narrow minded., somethin in between. I think they shud think a lil more freely n see how better life gets.

This is only a lil about these guys., i can write volumes of books on my friends., but prob'ly not on my blog. I know i've been a lil frank on this post., but i cud b even more frank., not sure if everybody can take it sportively. So., thats it 4 now on my good friends. Hope u liked em . :)


sunny-blog said...

nice to c that u understand ur frnds really well..
hope u post more on the frndy-trendy attitude..!!

lost to a differant world said...

found it funny when you mentioned about karthik's and your dressing style...:P...

U know who from Orkut said...

Karthik's dressing style is what we call here in the US "metrosexual"...its not a bad thing, a lot of girls are into that ....hehehe

Keep on blogging, Komalian..