Tuesday, April 18, 2006


5 months of hard work ( yup., 5 looong boring months ! ) ., getin up early in the mornin., 20 Kms of commuting everyday ., 5 days a week for a whole month spent in the dirty n hot workshop floor., 2000 bucks ( not a single paise worth spending ) .,hours and hours of typing and editing the project report., hundreds of rupees and lots of pleading the book binders for the final finishing and binding n preparing the records in time.., thaaaats our PROJECT !!!
All that down to 5 mins of VIVA by some stranger who mite/mite not hav any idea bout wat our project is bout. Only a cook can know wat it takes to prepare a dish. I was in mixed emotions the whole day., stomach churnin like a washing machine coz of the tension but was very excited in my head coz 2day was the last day that we'd hav anythin to do about our project. Reached at coll at 10 n waited., n waited., n waited and finally had our viva at around 3 in the afternoon. The jerk starts talkin on the phone after we went in and talks crap 4 about 10 mins and then comes n says that our project wasn't impressive. I heard other grps say that he said the same to them., but hearin that bout our project felt like a kick in the gutt. He asked us not to worry bout marks n stuff ., yeah rite ! how can we not !? Anywyas., i answered the Questions he put to me n came out not too satisfied but not too sad either.
Two more theory exams n thats it., out of engg !!! Sad !? Scary !? Happy !? Lets wait n see..,


Anocsanamun said...

whats a rupee in american money?

Preetam said...

cheers!!! :D truly...Only a cook can know wat it takes to prepare a dish.

Ricky said...

This reminds me of my Engg. days. I did Engg. near Hyderabad too. Infact, we did our project in Hyb itself. This post took me back in time. I remember typing all the reports, binding (there is a good chance that you binded it from the same place coz I remember pleading to binders too...he he), hassles in hot workshop floor...damn.

Our VIVA went pretty good though altough the one taking it was an idiot like yours.

uday jarajapu said...

glad that u got out without much trouble!

the examiners are supposed to discourage you finally.. apparently, they donot want to give you the feel that you are worth
-exploring higher education anywhere outside the country
-or making easy money ! :O)

after all, they think today's 20 somethings have it very easy and lucky in their lives :)

I wish they used that attitude to shape better programs for engineering graduates!