Saturday, December 09, 2006

7 Reasons Why Personal Blogs Rock

Darren Rowse from Problogger ( one of my fav blogs ) has this post on his blog. It's more about 'how personal blogging in his intial years has helped him become a better pro-blogger now', than on 'why personal blogs rock'. But still, he's got good 7 points that i totally agree on.

The seven points being :
1. teach you the skills of blogging
2. familiarize you with the tools of blogging
3. help you work out how much time you have
4. help you work out if you can sustain blogging for the long term
5. give you a taste of blogging ‘culture’
6. help you define a niche
7. help you find a readership

One can also look at the above points this way., u can kind of do a self analysis of how much u've developed since u've started blogging and also how much longer can u keep going by asking urselves questions related to the above 7 points. If you seem to be getting positive answers for all those and if u can tell yourself that you are really enjoying blogging and not doing it just 4 the heck of it..,then u got good news.. u still got a long way to go before you think of shutting down your blog !

Here are also a few good posts that i'd like to share with you guys...

and so on.....

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