Saturday, December 23, 2006

Am I the bad guy !?

Is it really ever gonna be possible that a normal guy like me on any normal day, while walking on any normal road or while travelling on normal public transport like a train or a bus, sees a normal girl and give her a casual smile and get away without getting back a disgusted look and in some cases ., curses ? From my experience of 22 years.. I guess not.

Girls just have these pre-concieved notion that any guy who does that is trying to hit on her., or in our own style., trying to 'patafy' her. Please open your minds.... this 'line marofying' and 'patafying' is not on every guys mind. This is the best n worst case of stereotyping any group of people can ever face.

Here's my personal experience. Sick of riding my bike in the rush hour traffic, I recently travelled by a bus which was more stuffed than the lovely big kachoris that i get beside my house., which was when i realised that there's nothing more I love than ridin' my bike.

Anyways., I was sitting right in front of the backdoor and was just tired n bored sitting there. So I looked around and saw a girl way over in the front of the bus. She waved at me n pointed at her watch. I just kept a straight face n turned away. I'm a decent but curious guy., So I looked at her again n she smiled at me n I thought.. 'what the heck., I donno her., was she 4m my school ? college ? orkut ?.. na., i really don't know her'. I thought 4 a min n turned back n saw nobody who could possibly be communicating with her. Is this girl flirting with me in public !? Am I really that irresistable ? Coz I DO use AXE. But AXE effect all the way from the back of the bus to the front ? Wow ! Talk about value for money !

She kept staring at me continiously n me., somebody who's not used to being stared at by strange women was feeling uncomfy. But I kept a stiff face like I would when my dad would notice the 50 Rs note missing in his pocket and ask me about it. After a few stops with all this., the girl got down and I wanted to see what's the deal with her. So I started staring at her n then what happens, a good looking guy gets down from the bus n walks up to her beside the window i'm sitting at n says " I think we're pretty late for the movie, damn bus". The girl then whispers something to this guy n they both gimme the sickest look I ever got.

See what happens for being nice n not say anything back to her? Who started it !? This is just one of the many examples that I know where we guys have been misunderstood by the other now not-so-fairer sex.

There's one thing I wanna make clear. This is not meant to be a girl bashing post., not in any way. Just wanted to tell all the girls who have this 'impression' about guys being no good living beings that you have to bear with everyday. C'MON ! Open your minds n eyes about this ! There are good guys n not so good guys but it's also the same with girls. There are not so decent girls out there too n quite a lot of them ! You would want to stay away from 'bad ppl' not 'bad guys'. Next time a guy smiles at you, you need not necessarily smile back, but just take a moment before you curse him straightaway.


sandeep said...

axe effect ...... was gud mate ....
if @ all works out let me know i 2 will strt using it . 110 bucks is nt tht big ..[:P]

bianca said...

I laugh more at the fact you believe that god aweful excuse for a scent helped you score a chick. Haha silly Komal

wmw said...

Ha ha ha....unless the guy is drooling, I will usually smile back! Not all girls/women are like that. Happy New Year to you!

smille said...

nice blog but people, no matter girl or boy havr their own way of thinking and they think with their not all girls are same.

Kk said...

@Sandeep: sure sure., IF it works na.. ;)

@Bianca: Girl ! C'mon ! Even after u got a good taste of my sarcasm u still think I was serious about AXE !? Silly Bianca ! :)

@ Wmw: How nice ! Wish we had more girls like you here in India., I really do !

@ Smile : I know.., i wasn't targetting everybody., just those who do it., like u said everybody has their own way of thinking n this is mine... nothing personal :)

Hell's Angel said...

was really funny..but ppl r really cunning gals cant always be open-minded..

sneha said...

ya its funny but it may call the success story of the company ( Axe). Please tell this real life story to the company so they will publish your story in their journal.

Quest Girl said...

hey it could just be that the girl was telling the guy how she was trying to talk to you and you ignored her! (okay, it really could just be that! may be she knew you from somewhere before)...and u kno, u shdn't take it personally coz most girls know that if they respond to a guy's purely friendly/platonic overture, it will still be misconstrued as something, we girls have to err on the cautious side...too bad though that you end up getting the brunt of it!